Random Displayport Connection Problem, HD 6970, 2 mini-displayport to DVI and HDMI, 1 DVI to VGA

  SpacePirate 22:29 04 Feb 2014

Hi, I REALLY need your help!

As said in the title I am using a HD 6970 (XFX btw) connected as said. HDMI goes to a TV wich I use as TV or monitor, as needed. HDMI goes to a 1080p monitor, VGA to a 1366x768. What I am really wondering about: THERE NEVER WAS A PROBLEM, everything functioned as it should (after figuring out how to connect more than two displays to a HD 6970), for about three to four weeks now. But from one day to another this conifguration just stopped working. Now I am only able to use 2 monitors, windows showing a error like "Displayport connection failure - requested resolution and refresh rate can't be determined".

I already tested a LOT of possible different connections to my monitors with the result that no monitor is showing a defect. They are all working. I also plugged my graphics card out and in again.

Am I right if say the problem has to be set at the cables, the adapters or the graphic outputs? I'd really appreciate if you could somehow help me exactly locating the problem! Thanks in advance!! SpacePirate

  Graphicool1 08:49 05 Feb 2014

Try changing the cables.

  SpacePirate 09:00 05 Feb 2014

I will do so today. But I hope you see my point if I did not do so already, because I tested every single monitor while the other two were disconnected succesfully. They are all working, as the cables have to with that result, or am I erroring here?

  SpacePirate 17:37 05 Feb 2014

Ok now I am at the point that I know that the failure has to originate from the displayport to DVI adaptor or some software failure I did not notice yet, any suggestions how to check if the adaptor really is defective?

  aquatarkus 19:55 05 Feb 2014

Hi there normally to run 3 x monitors on one of these cards the display port adaptor needs to be one of the active variety, have you checked that yours is an active type display port one. Think you'll find that if it is it's failed. Some of them had a separate usb connection to supply power to the display port.

Regards aquatarkus

  SpacePirate 20:39 05 Feb 2014

Thanks for your reply and hope but you did not really help me finding a solution ...

  SpacePirate 20:41 05 Feb 2014

Of course it is an active one. As said, the whole setup worked well for a couple of weeks ... :(

  aquatarkus 21:33 05 Feb 2014

Well excuse me for trying, with an attitude like that your going to get a lot of help.

  SpacePirate 16:16 06 Feb 2014

Hm, do you think that adaptor can just break without doing anything with it than using it properly?

  Graphicool1 10:48 07 Feb 2014

Cool it with the aggression dude, we're trying to help you, not hinder you.

Anyway, I've been looking into this problem. Here's something you can try (if you haven't already)...

Check the refresh rate, it might be rejecting your setting. Try setting it at a lower rate.

  SpacePirate 17:12 10 Feb 2014

How do you say I'm aggressive? I'm just depressed by the fact my setup just stopped working as it should and did perfectly, perhaps you can understand that. Also there is that one thing I learned in forums: to give detailled information about the problem you have, so that other people can help you (easier). I think i did very well with my explanation aswell that it should be ok to give feedback if someones answer did help or did not. Please let our arguing stop here, on the internet noone would ever win this ;)

Back to topic: What exactly do you mean by checking the refresh rate? In CCC I am able to configure a refresh rate for each of my identified monitors ... but I didn't change any setting there. Further the problem is that there always are just two monitors identified!

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