Random blue screen when cold. Leaking capacitor?

  Faser 12:52 07 Aug 2005

Windows XP, MSI mobo(3.5 years old), AMD athlon nearly old. EZ anti-virus Zone Alarm firewall and M'soft anti-spyware

I am getting various blue screen error messages shortly after windows loads... IRQ, memory hardware etc. However when it finally runs and warms up everything works faultlessly.

I have run every test I know, updated all the drivers, tried removing all the expansion cards, disconnected all peripherals. I have always monitored the temperature and mobo voltages and the power supply seems stable.

My daughters pc has the same mobo and very similar spec so I have put my HD in her PC and connected all my peripherals where it works perfectly!

The only odd thing is 2 of my mobo capacitors have a brown stain on the top. The pc is in a non-smoking all electric household and I clean the inside of the pc about once a year and have not noticed this before.

Could it be a capacitor failing and has anyone attempted to replace these?

  Peter 13:06 07 Aug 2005


It could be a memory problem. Check out Microsoft's web site for their Memory Diagnostic programme. You use the programme to make a bootable floppy and then boot the computer with it. It runs a very in depth diagnostic programme which is much better that the sort of programme provided by Norton and the like.


  DieSse 14:09 07 Aug 2005

It could also be a connection problem - take out and refit

- RAM (clean the contacts gently with a soft eraser)

- Processor - reftting two or three tmes helps wipe contacts clean

- Graphic card (clean as per RAM)

  BurrWalnut 15:16 07 Aug 2005

About 3-4 years ago IBM PCs suffered from leaking/bulging capacitors. They used a variant of AOpen motherboards, what make is yours?

  BurrWalnut 16:44 07 Aug 2005

Forget my reply, I've just reread your post and you have an MSI board.

  Faser 16:54 07 Aug 2005

Thanks for suggestions, have tried all the above plus some. The memory test was run for 2 hours.

Have found a web page that refers to the capacator problems click here

Can anyone reccommend a modest socketA (462)?

  octal 17:06 07 Aug 2005

It may or may not be the capacitors, the only way of checking this is with an oscilloscope to see what the ripple is like. We had this problem at work with one item of equipment where a faulty batch of capacitors was fitted that failed after a few years, whereas I've still got electrolytic capacitors in equipment at home here that are 40 years old and still in use, so you can never tell.

  woodchip 17:15 07 Aug 2005

electrolytic capacitors, Usually dry up but can sometimes be re-energised. The problem with Mobo's is that the components are fitted that tight and the print on the board is very fine, when it comes to a repair

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