RAM/Paging File Boosters

  Major Disaster 15:40 01 Apr 2005

I have a Dell 2.26 GHz PC with 256MB RAM, and its starting to show its age. I frequently recieve messages that "Windows is increasing the size of the paging file" and have noticed a gradual slow down especially when running more demaing applications.
I have heard of these RAM/Paging File Boosters and wonder if they would help speed up my pc again. Please advise if these types of programmes are worth using and any recommendations of any free versions.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:26 01 Apr 2005

None are really worth using; XP has pretty good RAM management.

Another 256mb of RAM will not be too expensive I think Take a look at click here

The Windows XP Page File
click here for some more info.

  Major Disaster 17:49 01 Apr 2005

Thanks for your reply.
I have looked into buying more RAM and came up with 512MB of DDR from Crucial costing about £35. This is probably a stupid question but i have never seem 768MB of RAM (512 + 256) advertised before, are these two amounts compatible since the computers i have seem usually have 256Mb, 512MB, 1024MB etc.? Or would i have to but two sets of 512MB RAM? On the subject, how easy is to install RAM? Also,
I have just checked my system’s virtual memory in the control panel an the paging file for my C: drive has an initial size of 384MB (256 x 1.5) but a maximum size of 768MB, is this the cause of my troubles as ive heard both these values should be the same!? Please reply, i am grateful for any response

  Diodorus Siculus 18:19 01 Apr 2005

That is no problem - generally speaking, you can have any combinations.

That's what I have 256 + 512mb.

You can increase the maximum to (say) 1024 and set the minimum the same.

  Major Disaster 18:23 01 Apr 2005

Thanks for your help, cheers!

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