RAM/Memory sticks.

  ShIvZ 00:38 15 Oct 2007


I need to buy a new RAM/Memory stick
2100 DDR

But is there a difference with "low profile" sticks and normal ones?

Could someone tell me the size(height/width) of a normal RAM stick please...

Thanks in advance.

  Killo Bite 02:52 15 Oct 2007

Its Chip density but I wouldn't think about it, I would just go to Crucial.co.uk and either select the machine in the list by brand & Model OR Motherboard by Brand & Model or use the online advisor tool

PC2100 is fairly rare nowadays but good thing is PC3200 or PC2700 is backward compatible with your machine. Also the more the better, you will get a better running system also by adding matched pairs and in size like 2x 512MB = 1GB and not 256MB + 512MB

  ShIvZ 14:27 15 Oct 2007

Could someone tell me the Size of a Normal RAM Stick Please.

  DieSse 16:59 15 Oct 2007

I always recommend mixing RAM speeds if you want long term stability. The timing characteristics, particularly of PC3200 are quite different - and they often don't mix well.

The worst thing is that they appear to work - but then later on you get mysteriuos glitches that are difficult, if not impossible to pin down.

So get matching speed RAM at the least - matched sizes are not necessary unless you have a dual-channel motherboard. In this case matched pairs in the correct slots, can give you much faster RAM performance.

Also buy only "First-Grade" RAM if you want minimum issues - this should be from a recognised name, and have their own brand chips on JDEC certified designed boards, and assembled by the same company.

Physical size is irrelevant really - it only has to fit in the socket and accept the mounting lugs - which is a standard.

  DieSse 17:00 15 Oct 2007

Whoops - I always recommend NOT mixing RAM speeds ....

  umbongo(uk) 17:55 15 Oct 2007

normal ram size is about 10mm larger in height
small are 30mm in height there nothing in it if your using a normal desktop
the smaller sticks are mainly smaller due to which ram chips used on the pcb

if you look at the links you can see tht both sticks use a diffrent black ram modules thus the one using the smaller will be smaller in height(THIS IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE OF RAM CHIP SIZE AND NOT WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR)
click here

click here

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