Ram, where and how much?

  fbadt 23:35 13 Nov 2009

hi all,
I know this is most likely a really stupid question, but I really have no idea what i'm doing, so I aplogise. My PC has 4gb of Ram Memory, but how do I tell if that's 4gb in one slot, don't PC's have two or more slots for memory? I don't know if its 2 in each, 4 in one etc., or if I'm wrong completely and can't find a way to look in the System file. Just that if I wanted to upgrade my Ram, I don't know how much, where or with what, there appear to be several options. I'm sorry but all I know is there's 4gb on my sysgtem, beyond that I'm lost.
any help very much appreciated!

  TonyV 23:38 13 Nov 2009

Try the scan here. It will tell you what you have.
click here


  woodchip 23:41 13 Nov 2009

I think you will find it as two sticks in it. So why do you want more Ram, Why the Need are you having Problems???????

  User-1229748 23:49 13 Nov 2009

just to add there's no such thing as a daft question,no need to apologise.if you know that your pc has 4gig of ram then you know more than i did when i first looked in on these forums.

  Migwell 01:00 14 Nov 2009

If your using XP it cant see or use more than 3 Gig I believe

  fbadt 12:05 14 Nov 2009

Hi guys,
thanks for the comments and suggestions, I should have added its Vista I'm running, I'm curious mainly because my PC is a '5.6' under that 'Windows Experience' system, which seems okay for the latest batch of games, but everything else is a 5.9 so I figured the first thing that will need upgrading will be the Ram, so wanted to keep an eye out for any sales or anything in the meantime, but didn't know what I was looking for. overall the system runs most games at high settings no problem, but I have had a few judders on things like Batman AA. even if I open it up I'm barely sure of what I'm looking for!
thanks, fbt

  User-1229748 14:41 14 Nov 2009

plenty of videos on youtube and the like of how to install memory.have to heed the warnings about static when opening up but as far as difficulty go's it's probably the easiest thing to upgrade and fairly cheap aswell.

  User-1229748 14:44 14 Nov 2009

although as migwell says unless your running 64bit vista you won't see any benefit off adding any more than you have.

  fbadt 16:05 14 Nov 2009

all right cheers guys, I'll leave alone for now and have a look for some vids etc
cheers fbt

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