Is RAM virtual memory?

  ZEROTOLERANCE 00:02 11 Apr 2004

i have gone into system properties to virtual memory
& found the paging file, if i increase the initial size and maximum size of the paging file settings will this give me more RAM and therefore speed up my puter? or am i just wishing

  hugh-265156 00:14 11 Apr 2004

virtual memory is a part of the hard drive that is used as ram when you run out of actual ram and it will be slower in operation than actual ram.

set it to windows managed size or set both the min and max values to 2 and a half times you actual ram or there if you have 256 or actual ram the min and max boxes should both be set to around 640mb or there abouts.

i would let windows manage it.

install more ram if running low xp likes 512+

  hugh-265156 00:17 11 Apr 2004
  Forum Editor 00:17 11 Apr 2004

stands for Random Access Memory, and is the place where programs and working files in progress are stored for the time that your computer is turned on. As soon as your turn off your computer everything in the RAM chips is dumped, and the RAM is empty until the next time you start the computer.

Virtual memory, or the swap file as it's sometime called, is a section of the hard drive that the operating system reserves for use when it finds that your available RAM capacity has been used up. In this situation Windows uses the hard drive space dynamically, that is it loads and unloads parts of running programs and working files to the drive as and when it needs to do so, and the space occupied expands and contracts accordingly. The size of the space available for this purpose is automatically set by default, although you can manually configure it if you think it's necesary. Under normal circumstances it shouldn't be necessary - Windows will handle it.

If you hear the hard drive constantly churning away whilst you're working it can be a sign that you need to increase the amount of installed RAM. Reconfiguring the virtual memory size limit can help, but remember that RAM is faster in terms of access speed than hard drive space, so go for more RAM if you can.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 00:18 11 Apr 2004

RAM is 256mb but settings are set at the moment at >> initial size 340mb Maximum size 400mb

  hugh-265156 00:20 11 Apr 2004

set to "system managed size" click set and apply

you may need to restart.

as above if using xp install another 256 to make 512 of actual ram and xp will love you :-)

  ZEROTOLERANCE 00:22 11 Apr 2004

thanx all, in the few months ive been a member here ive learnt more about my computer than in the whole 18 months ive had it.

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