Is a RAM upgrade really worth it?

  stebull77 16:46 28 Dec 2010

Hi all
I can't decide whether to upgrade my RAM or not. Occasionally my pc gets a little jumpy when gaming and pages somtimes freeze when on the internet particularly if there is some animation on the page.
Though these problems last for only a few seconds it is abit annoying.
I have an Intel quad core q6600 2.4GHz cpu, 700GB hard disk and an ATI Radeon HD4670 card for games. I also have 4GB RAM but i think its only cheap stuff. I dont know much about pcs but i think the specs on mine are reasonable so i'm guessing its being let down by the RAM.
Would an upgrade make a noticable difference?

I would appreciate any views on the matter....

  Strawballs 16:48 28 Dec 2010

If you only have a 32bit operating system not worth it but a 64bit one will be ok but 4gig og ram should be enough,

  gengiscant 16:54 28 Dec 2010

What make model PC?

  961 16:58 28 Dec 2010

Is your system running too hot?

Can you see the temps in the BIOS?

Are all the fans working well?

Is the computer in a corner, on a carpet, full of cat hair?

Put your hand round the back at the top where the psu fan blows the air out. Is it medium cool, warm, hot?

  bremner 17:06 28 Dec 2010

Unless the RAM is actually defective then there is no way 4GB is insufficient to run a webpage!!! even with animation.

Your spec is very high so I think you need to look elsewhere for the problems.

  ame 17:28 28 Dec 2010

Might be worth taking half the RAM modules out and seeing if the problem changes, then swapping them to the ones you took out, to see if you have a faulty module. As bremner says, 4gb is plenty for what you're doing.

  OTT_B 17:34 28 Dec 2010

I'm going to upset the hardware purists again....RAM is RAM, it doesn't make a blind bit of difference if you pay £100 for 4GB of DDR2-800, or £20 (there are some exceptions to this though).

I agree with bremner, you need to look elsewhere for the cause of your problem.

What speed is your internet connection running at ?
This is a useful site :-

click here

  stebull77 18:46 28 Dec 2010

Thanks for all the responses.
firstly my OS is the 32bit version of vista. The motherboard manufacturer is Foxconn and model is G31MX. I have some software on my pc that's telling me the temp is about 40 degrees. Its pretty clean in the tower, but to be fair could be abit close to the wall.
Ran the test and my download speed is 15mbps...

  Strawballs 15:33 30 Dec 2010

Then you don't need any more ram. If you don't have it already download and run CCleaner click here and also the registry option.

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