RAM upgrade query

  Maccyroo 19:35 20 Feb 2004

I currently have DDR 333mz (PC 2700 RAM) installed and my ASUS AN78X2.0 Deluxe motherboard supports the new DDR 400 (pc 3200)chips. Someone told me that as my processor (Athlon XP 2800+ B) only has a FSB of 333mhz that installing the 400mhz (pc 3200) will not improve performance. I thought it was just he motherboard support that affected what RAM you can use.
Can someone say whether it is worth me upgrading


  Rayuk 19:40 20 Feb 2004

Unless you want to overclock your cpus fsb stick with the PC2700.

  jg1990 19:43 20 Feb 2004


There's not much point in upgrading. Ram will always work at the lowest of the two speeds. For example my laptop processor has an FSB of 266 while the motherboard has an FSB of 400. If you intend to upgrade your processor in the near future it'll be a good idea to buy the pc 3200, so you won't need to upgrade that too!

Hope this helps


  JIM 19:48 20 Feb 2004

It may seem confusing, but faster memory will NOT necessarily make your system faster. Your computer will only run as fast as the "slowest link" in your system, so you can't speed up your computer by adding faster memory. The way to make your system faster is to add more megabytes (MB) of memory.

You dont intend to take out what is allready installed are you?

  JIM 19:50 20 Feb 2004

Sorry posted without seeing jg1990 reply to you.

  Maccyroo 20:10 20 Feb 2004

Thanks for the advice. I think i'll get me some more pc 2700.

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