RAM upgrade problems

  Jai 10:30 29 Jan 2007

Running Win Xp Ser.2; 80gb Maxtor, 256 SDRAM. ATI 9200 ; Current games ie Sims were a bit slow in loading, so decided to up the RAM to 512. Checked the current stick using CPUZ which listed 256 (generic) @ 133mhz, so I bought the same spec but a branded stick (Kingston), had the following probs & been running a week:- (a) Always runs a Scandisk (or whatever) & stops @12% the skips the rest & boots ok (b) sometimes reports an invalid memory instruction (c) always have to re-boot from 1st time start up (d) crucial mem check reports 512mb in each slot?? (e) when re-boot in safe mode command prompt, it always stops at c:\partition\windows\system32\drivers\mup.sys for 10-15 mins & then loads ok.
Anyone any thoughts as before I go back to orig. 256mb generic please?

I think with some motherboards you have to have the memmory in banks ie 1&3 or 2&4 check your m/board manual failing that try swoping them about try putting the branded first then the generic

  keef66 12:26 29 Jan 2007

You could download Memtest86 and create a bootable floppy or cd which you use to run the memory testing diagnostic, just to make sure both sticks of ram are OK.

I have only ever bought ram from Crucial, and I used their memory selector each time to get exactly the same spec. I have 256 + 256 + 512mb and it works OK

I don't know what else might be different between your 2 sticks. Buffered / non-buffered? Non Ecc? Use the crucial site to see what it recommends for your motherboard.
Are the memory timings set to auto in the bios??

  Jai 13:15 29 Jan 2007

Thanks fellas. I seem have to have solved it before I checked your post. Anyway just back from buying another stick of Kingston, why? well I thought that - I'd be better off having 2 "new" sticks, than 1 old & 1 new. Installed both new sticks & still same prob. Then I put 1 stick in bank 1, the other in bank 3 & hey presto no probs whatsoever. Then I checked your replies & handyd hit the nail on the head. So then I am left with 256mb of generic, so I stuck that in bank 2, & so far all is hunky dory with a total of 786 ram. Thanks again.

  keef66 13:25 29 Jan 2007

If it runs in dual channel mode when you have banks 1 & 3 filled, you may actually be slowing it down by adding the original stick in bank 2. What motherboard is it? I'll look for the manual.

  Jai 13:33 29 Jan 2007

thanks keef66 - never thought of that. M/B is Soltek SL75kav. I'm pretty sure my manual is "filed" somewhere, and knowing me it will probably be in the attic!!!!

  keef66 15:08 29 Jan 2007

no mention in the manual of dual channel mode or using particular memory slots first, so I think you're OK as you are. It actually says

"Supporting Different DRAM types used in mixed combinations"

Why you got the problems I'm not sure.

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