RAM upgrade, now getting a blank blue screen

  Game Guru001 15:49 12 Jan 2008

I have just bought a 2GB RAM kit from crucial.com/UK (shows 1.93GB on vista welcome screen)

I installed the new RAM and my laptop (Gateway MT3104B) was running fine, i went downstairs and when i came back up i had a blank blue screen, the laptop then restarted.

When the laptop is on for about 3 mins it will show a blue screen and then restart, i have done a system restore and tested each of the RAM sticks on their own (they work fine no BSoD)

Any ideas as to why this could be?

the maximum amount of RAM for the laptop is 2GB

  Graham. 16:07 12 Jan 2008

I would raise the issue with Crucial.

  skidzy 17:03 12 Jan 2008

Just checked with Crucial's scanner and this is what you are supposed to have installed ;

Each memory slot can hold DDR2 PC2-5300,DDR2 PC2-4200 with a maximum of 1GB per slot.*

Does your new ram match ?

Good thing with Crucial,is that they guarantee there ram or money back.

  Game Guru001 19:40 12 Jan 2008

There are 2x 1GB 200pin DDR2 SODIMM 12MX64 PC2-5300

i found the RAM using the drop down lists and tats what it came up with

  [email protected] 19:44 12 Jan 2008

contact crucial,
Gateway machines/emachines are troublesome with upgrades.
Have a look at orca if crucial cant sort it out.
click here

  skidzy 19:46 12 Jan 2008

" There are 2x 1GB 200pin DDR2 SODIMM 12MX64 PC2-5300 "

I take it you mean 128 Meg !

If so,looks like you have bought what is recommended.
This maybe a bios issue,but i would contact Crucial first as suggested by Graham.

This could be a minor fault of the motherboard.

  [email protected] 19:56 12 Jan 2008

possibly a similar issue
click here

  Game Guru001 20:15 12 Jan 2008

i dont know :s i just copied what was on the packing for the RAM

  Game Guru001 20:16 12 Jan 2008

i have contacted crucial about the problem and it says they will reply within 6 working days

  [email protected] 20:20 12 Jan 2008

in the mean time remove the new and put your old ram back,after that check all is ok.

  Game Guru001 17:48 14 Jan 2008

ive just been online with crutial and they told me to update my BIOS settings, i was wondering if this would do any damage to my laptop (im new at this lol)

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