Ram upgrade - Mhz help please?

  ellie_MFL 13:18 28 May 2007

I am wanting to upgrade the RAM on my machine from 2x 256 to 2x 1gb to try and help it deal with the memory hungry stuff we have installed.

I know I need 2x 1GB 184 pin DIMMs, but what I don't really get is the PC2100, PC3700, and the stuff about 266MHZ, 400MHZ etc etc.
How do I know which one I need?
The current ram is PC2100 266Mhz. Would it be better to stick with this, or could I go for the higher numbers without doing the system any harm?
(I have found what looks like a good deal on some 400Mhz sticks)

The motherboard is a matsonic MS9147c and the processor a P4 at 2.4Ghz if that makes a difference. Someone told me it's something to do with Front side bus but I don't really understand what that is.

I'm normally a competant user, but this is making me feel a bit thick! Can anyone advise me please?

  SANTOS7 13:21 28 May 2007

click here

follow links for memory upgrade it will tell you exactly what is compatible with your system, good luck

  [email protected] 13:24 28 May 2007

not worth the risk trying to match up your ram yourself,follow SANTOS7 s link+buy it from there

  ellie_MFL 13:34 28 May 2007

This is what it says:

168-pin DIMM Banking: 2 (2 banks of 1)
USB Support: 2.x Compliant
Error Detection Support: ECC and non-ECC
Chipset: VIA Apollo P4X333
Supported DRAM Types: SDR SDRAM and DDR SDRAM
Max Unbuffered SDR SDRAM: 2048MB
Module Types Supported: Unbuffered only
Max Unbuffered DDR SDRAM: 2048MB
Max Component Density: 512Mb
SDR SDRAM Frequencies: PC100 and PC133
184-pin DIMM Banking: 2 (2 banks of 1)
Graphics Support: AGP 4X

Each memory slot can hold DDR PC3200,DDR PC2700,DDR PC4000,SDRAM, PC133 with a maximum of 1GB per slot

However, it currently has PC2100 in it, yet this isn't mentioned, but it clearly works. Why?

  SANTOS7 13:43 28 May 2007

"Each memory slot can hold", If you look at the report it tells you what you CAN have, not what you have GOT,
DDR PC3200,DDR PC2700,DDR PC4000 relates to speed and of course there is a price diference.

Go with what you can afford safe in the knowledge that they will work with your system..

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