RAM upgrade disappoints

  realist 10:31 13 Dec 2010

Recently upgraded RAM on my ageing (2006) AMD Athlon64x2 dual core 3800+ Desktop PC.

Went from IGB (512MB x 2) to 3GB (1GB x 2 + 512MB x 2).

Not really any noticeable increase in operating speed etc, maybe a second or two here and there.

Would it be worthwhile further upgrading by putting IGB sticks in all four available slots?

  realist 10:32 13 Dec 2010

Should have added..... its running WindowsXP SP3.

  ame 11:12 13 Dec 2010

I have same setup but with 4400+ processor. I noticed a significant difference when I did it a year or two ago, but it depends what programs you are running. Not worth adding any more RAM as XP 32 bit (which I presume you are running) will only use roughly 3.5GB in practice (4GB max total in theory), and there is the law of diminishing returns.

  onthelimit 13:09 13 Dec 2010

I've found the upgrade from 256 or 512 to 1Gb makes the big difference to XP - more than that has little impact.

  wee eddie 13:18 13 Dec 2010

Once you have installed 1GB your PC will be operating at about it's optimum speed.

However there will be a difference with the extra RAM installed but, it will not be immediately obvious and will only really occur when you are running several applications, at the same time. Which would be unnoticeable unless you had complex Measuring Tools, both before and after.

What you will probably notice though, is that your Hard Drive is not thrashing as often, as it is no longer being required to be used as Virtual RAM.

  realist 13:51 13 Dec 2010

Many thanks, as always, for the very helpful replies.
I think I'll leave it as it is!

  wee eddie 14:25 13 Dec 2010

but are not really important.

I do not think that Windows XP recognises more than 2.5GB Ram

All RAM works at the speed of the slowest.

So if your 2 old 512MB sticks are considerably slower that the 2 new IGB Sticks, it might be worthwhile trying the PC without the 2 old sticks installed.

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