RAM upgrade - computer not booting

  crescend0 15:05 14 Apr 2008

hello there,

just bought some ram off ebay, 2 x 1GB samsung ddr400 dimm pc3200 modules. chip number is K4H510438B-TCB3. i've installed it into my dell dimension 3000 but when it boots there's a beeping noise, think it's a 2-.-. bios code, and the computer doesn't load. as far as I know the memory should be compatible?

any help much appreciated

  DieSse 15:37 14 Apr 2008

Motherboard make/model?

Try them one at a time

  igk 15:39 14 Apr 2008

Assuming that you have checked that it is ok for your pc (mobo documentation) I would just try one of the sticks as it may be a mismatch between the two sticks, failing that it may be worthwhile remembering not to buy this sort of thing from ebay and use a reputable source like Crucial for this kind of purchase.I hope this was not a too expensive mistake..

  anskyber 15:45 14 Apr 2008

This is the RAM type you are recommended to use. click here

  DieSse 15:54 14 Apr 2008

"This is the RAM type you are recommended to use. click here"

That's the type he's got!

  anskyber 15:56 14 Apr 2008

Yes, sorry. I meant to say which is what you have got! Apols for the confusion.

  crescend0 16:25 14 Apr 2008

hey yeah i've tried them one at a time. just found out they're "high density". could this be the problem?


  rabadubdub 16:32 14 Apr 2008

Check the motherboard manual for details of memory acceptabilty - and which order you can install them.

  crescend0 17:12 14 Apr 2008

the computer didn't come with a motherboard manual. not sure where to find it online?

  rabadubdub 17:39 14 Apr 2008

You may find it on the Dell site - Support/downloads section, or search on the manufacturers site. Check out Motherboards .org for address - also computerhope site.
You should get the make/model from system Information [Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/], or by using Belarc (belarc.com) or similar 3rd party system info utility (AIDA, SiSoftSandra, etc.)
..Or you can open up the case and look, too.


  DieSse 17:52 14 Apr 2008

"..just found out they're "high density". could this be the problem?"

Yes it certainly could. I keep forgetting this, as it wasn't an issue 3 years ago when I stopped building systems for a living.

The Dell documents I looked at didn't specify it either way - but since it's a motherboard from a year or two ago - it probably only taked low density RAM.

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