ram upgrade

  12pepsi34 17:42 17 Aug 2010

i have tried to up the ram on my computer from 1gb to 2gb i used crucial and orca to search for the compatible memory both said i have 3 module slots (i can only find 2) and the motherboard is msi p4m266-8233 capable of running 3gb
when i put the 2nd 1gb memory in on start up the computer recognises the memory and tells me i have 1.96 gb ram, but on using the computer it is much slower then before,with 1gb, and will not open some programs(photos,movie making) because of lack of memory.i have tried changing the memory around in each slot but i still works the same
Thanks for any help

  ashleycardwell94 20:23 17 Aug 2010

i havent looked up the motherboard but if crucial says it has three slots the 99% chance it will. Look if there are any small latches around the keyboard. on some laptops, the their RAM dock will be on the otherside of the motherboard because lack of space so look there.

  gengiscant 07:56 18 Aug 2010

What manufacture/model is your PC?

  12pepsi34 17:43 18 Aug 2010

hi the computer is a tiny s27 desktop
number on back of computer tiny 70235TCM28T4

  gengiscant 18:04 18 Aug 2010

Download and install SIW from here: click here get the SIW with installer from the freeware box.

After install click on memory in the left hand column,about two thirds of the way down. That will tell you what memory you have and how many slots you have.
Next go 3 up from memory and click on motherboard, can you note the manufacturer,the model and the serial number.
Then post back.

  12pepsi34 18:31 18 Aug 2010

manufacture micro-star inter
model p4m266-8233
version BLANK
serial number BLANK

north bridge via p4m266(vt8751)revision 00
south bridge via vt8235 revision 00

  gengiscant 19:38 18 Aug 2010

What about the memory figures.
Type and how many slots?

  12pepsi34 19:47 18 Aug 2010

memory capacity 1536mb
memory modual 32mb
memory slots 3

  gengiscant 09:01 19 Aug 2010

It should show memory type something which begins PC-?????
I have also discovered that the p4m266-8233 is actually the chipset not the motherboard.So we will need to find your board.
Download and install Everest Home Edition 2.20 from here click here make sure you click on softpedia mirror (US) or (RO).
Run the program and then:

Click on Computer
Click on Summary
Right hand window (hardware)

This should tell you your actual board. I think it maybe this one.click here# but there are 6 others it could be.

  12pepsi34 16:25 20 Aug 2010

hi sorry for late reply i ran the everest program but it told me the motherboard was the same as before the only differance was model msi inter socket 478 thanks

  gengiscant 16:52 20 Aug 2010

Can you take the side of and see if there are any markings,something like MSI-******* or even take a picture of your motherboard and post it here.

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