Ram upgrade

  noel_courtney 23:20 30 Mar 2009

Hi I recently upgraded my PC ram from 512k with two "Kingston 1 gb cards". Thuis does seem to have made mmuch difference. My PC is about 5 years old so I,m assuming I need to upgrade some thing else. Can one advise

  Forum Editor 23:32 30 Mar 2009

to make sure that the RAM you purchased was suitable for your motherboard?

Adding extra RAM is a favourite - and usually effective - way of boosting performance, but don't forget that the way computers handle data is a little like cities handling traffic. You can build a nice wide motorway into the city centre, but if the side roads can't handle the sudden increase in traffic flow you might as well not have bothered.

The critical components - the ones where bottlenecks can occur are a)the central processor b)the graphics processor and c) the hard drive. If any one - or a combination of these - isn't up to the job the performance of the whole machine can suffer. The unpalatable fact of life in computing is that a five-year-old machine may be reaching the point where money spent on upgrading it might be better spent going towards the cost of a new, much faster computer.

Check that the RAM is compatible first. If it is, make sure that your hard drive is defragmented, and that your anti-virus software is fully up to date - viruses can affect the performance of an otherwise healthy machine.

  noel_courtney 23:46 30 Mar 2009


If decide to purchase a new PC can I use the two new rams cards I bought or is this money gone?

  tullie 07:39 31 Mar 2009

Unless you are very lucky,the answer is No

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