RAM upgrade

  timestar 10:14 04 Aug 2008

Have a laptop (Centrino processer, XP MCE) that came with 1GB RAM. Is it worth upgrading the RAM to 2GB? (I use it for word processing about 80%, spreadsheets 5% and Net/mail 10%). If it is worth doing, is fitting RAM to a laptop a DIY task for a non-tech person?

  nosharpe 10:28 04 Aug 2008

Not recommended.
MS Office and surfing the net does not require masses of RAM. 1Gb is plenty

  bjh 10:35 04 Aug 2008

Not sure I quite agree. Depends on the cost of the RAM. Visit click here and see what they'd charge.

Will you see a speedup? Yes, but only in the region of 10% in most usage. If you open large documents, multiple documents, etc. then there'd be a bit more advantage.

Is it easy? VERY! Think changing a lightbulb, easier than changing a plug, or a fuse in a plug.

As the RAM may also be shared by the graphics, there might be a bit more benefit....

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