RAM Upgrade

  kalstras 11:48 03 Jun 2008

I am currently running 2 x 1GB DDR II SDRAM PC-5300.

I ordered some new RAM as my system allows 4GB total, but the one I ordered is only PC-4200.

Is there a noticable difference, or should I reorder the correct PC-5300?

Any thoughts?



  johnnyrocker 11:50 03 Jun 2008

click here to verify?


  [email protected] 11:54 03 Jun 2008

if you're on 32 bit i would order the 5300, as you probably wont notice any difference otherwise, all your ram will run at the lower speed.
as johnnyrocker says check with the crucial scanner first.

  kalstras 11:54 03 Jun 2008

What do you mean verify?

Crucial were the ones that got it WRONG which is why I'm asking, firstly their scanner detected that I am currently running the Max 4GB already, then IF I wasn't that the PC4200 was the right choice, even though it isn't. AND the PC5300 is the SAME price.

My question is, will I really notice the difference between two identical machines one running PC4200 RAM and the other PC5300?


  kalstras 11:56 03 Jun 2008

yeah adman 2, that's what I thought, my issue really is with Crucial, as they won't send me the correct part now, I have to wait until I send whats ordered back, get the refund, then reorder, OR order again with two payments, then send the incorrect one back :( GRR


  kalstras 12:30 03 Jun 2008

bump, will I notice the difference?

  POiZN 14:52 03 Jun 2008

Depends what you are doing. MY sister noticed a big improvement on her games when I upgraded 1GB to 2GB, but my nan didn't notice too much difference with the upgrade because she does internet and office work.

What do you use it for?

If you are running 32-Bit Windows which you more than likely are, then it only recognises up to 3 or 3.5GB.

  kalstras 14:59 03 Jun 2008

I have an HP Mediacentre PC and I do mostly video editing, and photo editing for use on my Adobe CS3 ultimate for web design, I usually have ALL of the open and running simultanteously.

I have Win/Vista Home prem 32 bit

HP Mediacentre 7775.uk-a

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