RAM Upgrade

  douglegs 19:04 27 Nov 2003

Since upgrading to Windows XP, certain applications operating are affecting radio stream. We have a broadband connection and have had no problems listening before, now, if message comes in on MSN for example, it stutters. Do you think this is caused by not enough RAM? We have a fairly old system, a celeron 400MHz with 128Mb RAM.

I have been on the Dell site and they say we can go upto 384Mb. Can we buy 1 256Mb chip, or do we have to get 2x 128Mb?

  Gaz 25 19:09 27 Nov 2003

Long as it is the same type... DDR or SDRAM, with the right speed and pins....

Then it does not matter about 256Mb mixed with 128Mb

I would think more memory is a good idea.

But also check that your PC is virus and spyware free,

  R4 19:11 27 Nov 2003

See what Dell recommend::

If you have 3 ram slots and Dell say upto 384Mb then its probable that 128Mb is the maximum per slot.

  Cesar 10:42 29 Nov 2003

Why don't you check it out with Crucial
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