RAM - unbranded or branded

  gabber82 21:46 29 May 2007

1 gig unbranded vs 1 gig branded RAM, which is better and by how much. is it measurable?

latency, CAS or whatever means nothing to me

  howard64 21:48 29 May 2007

you pays your money and takes your chance. I prefer to buy crucial memory if the pc is running mission critical stuff. For just writing the odd letter at home the cheapest is often good enough. If it works from the get go it usually keeps going.

  gabber82 21:51 29 May 2007

i play alot of Dawn of War and my fps mean alot to me. what's the opinion like these days of corsair and their value select (i think) range?

  Stuartli 22:46 29 May 2007

I use Corsair Value DDR - in fact only today I've added 512MB to the 512MB already installed - and it's well regarded.

The price was about £22 from Scan (been up to £30 plus in recent months) and was added to an order being placed on behalf of a friend (saves me the p and p!)

You might find this Hardware Secrets website story of interest:

click here

  wee eddie 08:34 30 May 2007

I was under the impression that RAM worked rather faster than the human brain and that, so long there was sufficient to handle the task in hand, it more or less left our brains standing.

I was under the impression that one paid extra to ensure that the product had been properly checked and a back-up service if it proved faulty.

  Stuartli 10:21 30 May 2007

The Corsair Value range has a lifetime warranty.

  Stuartli 10:22 30 May 2007

>>For just writing the odd letter at home the cheapest is often good enough. >>

Bit of a puzzling comment...:-)

  gabber82 14:04 30 May 2007

i think i'll do more investigation but the info given so far has been good help.


  Stuartli 14:55 30 May 2007

Just a small point. Corsair's Value cost more than £100 for 1GB when I acquired my current motherboard last August...:-)

So you can tell how prices have been fluctuating in recent months.

  howard64 18:57 31 May 2007

Stuartli - What I meant was that if it is just a home pc, used for browsing and writing the odd letter, then there is no need to spend a lot on things like the memory and video card. If the pc is used for work or gaming then good quality parts make sense.

  appletrees 21:00 31 May 2007

Good quality memory (e.g. crucial) is likely to work more reliably.

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