RAM stick problem?

  bananaz 11:54 09 Dec 2006

Hi, i have just purchased a second hand stick of RAM for an old Compaq Presario 12XL302 laptop.
The stick of RAM is supposed to be 256Mb but only shows 128Mb. The sticker on the RAM stick has a serial number on it which is different to the embossed serial number on the chips. The RAM stick is in a 256Mb box. I just wanted to check if it is possible for half a RAM stick to fail, or if a chip or chips fail, does the whole RAM stick stop working? On the other hand it may be possible that someone has sold me a 128Mb RAM stick in place of a 256Mb RAM stick. What do you think? As i say, I want to cover all angles before I kick some booty.
The RAM stick in question is a supposed: 256Mb SODIMM SDRAM 133MHz 144 pin.
The details I got from my laptop spec was: 256MB 144pin PC100 SDRAM 3.3V SODIMM
so I hope i have purchased the correct type of RAM?
Thanks very much in advance.

  sean-278262 12:15 09 Dec 2006

The reason is pretty simple

click here

your computer can only take a maximum of 320mb of ram. Therefore the second stick defaults to the maximum the computer can actually see this is 320mb. Affraid there is little you can do as you never checked this out so you cant return it unless the company is willing to accept replacement of the part.

  bananaz 12:20 09 Dec 2006

Hi, sorry I forgot to say that I was fully aware that this laptop could only cope with a maximum of 320Mb of RAM. The laptop only had 64Mb of inbuilt RAM, which is why I decided to add the maximum RAM of 256Mb. 256 + 64 = 320Mb RAM.
Thanks in advance.

  ed-0 12:22 09 Dec 2006

bananaz's laptop only has one dimm slot, so how can one stick of 256Mb ram exceed the maximum of 320Mb for the machine?


can you post both serial numbers here on the forum, also, how many ram chips are on each side of the moduel?

  sean-278262 12:28 09 Dec 2006

Miss read what was said I though bananaz said was they used another chip in the machine to work out what they needed not that it was from the systems spec.

  sean-278262 12:29 09 Dec 2006

Bananaz do you have another laptop of say a friends you can test the module in? It sounds likely you have been sold a smaller chip.

  bananaz 12:30 09 Dec 2006

Yup there is only 1 DIMM slot, which was empty. The laptop only had a built in RAM of 64Mb. I have not gone over the maximum amount of 320Mb.

Sticker serial number = HYS64V32220GDL-7-D

Chip serial number = HYB39S256160DT-7

There are 4 chips on each side.

cheers for your help.

  bananaz 12:32 09 Dec 2006

No I am unable to check the stick in another laptop unfortunately.

  ed-0 13:47 09 Dec 2006

Well the code numbers and the chip configuration match those to a 256Mb dimm of 133Mhz SD ram click here.

Can you enter the bios and look for any ram speed settings. They may be an outside chance that the speed of the ram is causing a conflict. See if you have a setting for spd or CL3.

If you have them, post back with the different settings you can use. Don't worry about looking at the different settings, as long as you exit the bios WITHOUT saving any settings.

  bananaz 14:14 09 Dec 2006

Hi, i have tried to enter the bio's but it refuses to let me in. I did read somewhere a few days ago that Compaq lock you out of the bio's for some reason.
Is there any other way i can get round this?

  ed-0 14:32 09 Dec 2006

I have had a look on the compaq website for a manual but your specific model is not listed click here

Can you check the exact model number again. If I can find the manual they may be half a chance that it contains something relevant, without it, it's pure guesswork:-(

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