ram speed question - memory increase

  united offensive 11:59 02 Jan 2008

My PC currently has 512MB of DDR RAM comprising x2 128MB cards. The cards state 166MHz.
I would like to increase to 1GB, and would like some advice please.
Is the speed of the new memory limited by my system / mother board, or can I get any DDR memory - 400MHz for example?
Am I better replacing the existing cards with 512MB each, or adding 2 cards in the 2 remaining slots. These slots are a different colour.
Any help gratefully received.
Thank you.

  MAJ 12:03 02 Jan 2008

"My PC currently has 512MB of DDR RAM comprising x2 128MB cards"

2*128 =256MB

But if you click here and run the scanner, it will tell you exactly what memory you have and how much you can upgrade to, united offensive.

  Taff™ 12:05 02 Jan 2008

click here And run the Scan My System - this will give you the options for your computer. You`ll also find answers for most questions on RAM on this site.

  united offensive 12:11 02 Jan 2008

How stupid do I feel?
Thanks for pointing out that I can't add up Maj.
I meant 2 x 256, and I don't know where the 128 came from. Still hung over from new year maybe.
Anyway, I do have 512MB, so can I use any speed RAM to upgrade please?

  united offensive 12:13 02 Jan 2008

Thanks Taff and Maj
I'm not at home at the mo so I cant run the scanner. Will do so later.

  MAJ 12:14 02 Jan 2008

You're probably a Man Utd fan, united offensive, so it's understandable, lol. :0)

It's possible that the faster RAM is backward compatible (most usually is), but we'll not know for sure until you do the scan.

  harps1h 12:17 02 Jan 2008

you need to see what your motherboard will support. the link that Taff gave you is for the crucial memory website and is counted as the most reliable supplier. it will advise of all possible combinations you can use. just remember if you are using a 32 bit version of windows it will only recognise a maximum of 3.25GB of memory, so ant more the 3gb of memory is a waste of money

  united offensive 12:23 02 Jan 2008

Thanks Maj. I am a fan of Man U, but the name refers to the Call of Duty game expansion to which I am addicted (multiplayer). I want to try COD4 , but the system requirements are too high for me I think. This is what prompted me to consider a RAM upgrade, but it won't be enough on its own for COD4.

  united offensive 12:26 02 Jan 2008

Thanks harps1h. I'm running XP and guessing that XP is 32 bit?
3GB is way over my requirements for now.

  MAJ 12:38 02 Jan 2008

I'm guessing the RAM upgrade wont be enough to run your new game, you'll probably need to upgrade your graphics card as well. You could run a scan on this site click here it should give you some info on what it will take to run it properly.

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