RAM showing as 70% when idle

  Graham. 15:32 28 Sep 2007

My new keyboard has a Performance monitor available on the LCD. The RAM is showing as around 70% with no programs on the screen, up to 80% when programs are running.

Does this mean something is tying up the RAM in the background, thereby slowing things down?

  AI33 16:01 28 Sep 2007

operating system are you using?

Right click the task bar and bring up task manager and does that confirm that it is using that much ram.

  Graham. 17:24 28 Sep 2007

I've stopped teatimer and explorer, it's come down to 67%. Most of the others look as though they should be running, but not doing anything. I thought RAM was only used when calling the CPU?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:32 28 Sep 2007

Just running Windows uses alot of RAM

The more you add the more windows uses.

  Graham. 17:36 28 Sep 2007

So if I doubled the RAM, it would still use the same percentage?

  AI33 17:47 28 Sep 2007

How much ram do you have in the system. It will show you in task manager under physical memory > total.

  AI33 17:48 28 Sep 2007

That is listed under the performance tab.

  Graham. 19:40 28 Sep 2007

523760K, 512MB.

  DieSse 23:59 28 Sep 2007

"So if I doubled the RAM, it would still use the same percentage?"

No - there is a complex algorithm covering how windows shares it's requirements for RAM between the real RAM and Virtual RAM (which is actually space on the hard drive.

If you increase the RAM to 1GB the % will almost certainly be lower - but it almost certainly won't be half the %.

In any case - does the RAM usage in the display show the % of real RAM in use - or a % of the Page File (virtual ram) - which is what the windows task manager shows?

  Graham. 10:33 29 Sep 2007

It must be the real RAM. I turned off the paging file (Virtual RAM) and then increased it to 2000MB (restarts in between), no difference in the displayed usage.

Black Panther used to tell us which Processes it was safe to turn off. Anywhere like that now?

  €dstowe 10:42 29 Sep 2007

"Black Panther"????

Do you mean Black Viper? click here

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