RAM replacement in an old PC

  John Ross 12:47 07 Oct 2007

I am updating RAM in 933MHz PC with Microstar MS-6309 motherboard running 256Mb of NEC PC133U RAM, with Windows Xp. The PC was managing but now it is networked and used by the daughter for internet access I have put on full spyware / antivirus / firewall and now seems to need extra memory.

I have purchased :
# Module Size: 256MB
# Package: 168-pin DIMM
# Feature: SDRAM, PC133
# Specs: SDRAM, PC133 • CL=3 • Unbuffered • Non-parity • 133MHz • 3.3V • 32Meg x 64

My question is :
Should I have bought the single 512Mb module recommended by Crucial (at twice the price), or will I get better performance by having two 256Mb RAM modules together?

Is it worth trying to change the order (nothing happening for a while due to postal strike!


  Belatucadrus 12:58 07 Oct 2007

If you buy the 512, you have the option of running it with the incumbent stick, jacking the total up to 768Mb. But I doubt you'd need it unless you or she intend to run RAM heavy applications such as 3D graphics or Video packages. The usual RAM hogs are high end games and a 933Mhz isn't going to be up to those even if you hike the memory to the system max.
I run two PCs that started out with single 256Mb modules and both are now happy as Larry running two after similar upgrades to the one you're engaged in, so if it was me I'd stick with what you've got ordered at the moment.
I expect however there will be others suggesting you max out the RAM as it's somewhat subjective, but my opinion for what its worth is 2 x 256 will be fine.

  DieSse 14:00 07 Oct 2007

I agree with Belatucadrus.

  DieSse 14:04 07 Oct 2007

Also note that in "older, slowr" systems the right choice of Anti-Virus makes a world of difference. NOD32 is the champ for speed and low resource usage (it's also possibly the beast AV there is too.)

There's a ß-test of the new NOD32 security suite available for download right now. Since uninstalling Comodo firewall and using the new suite, I think my internet browsing has speeded up a tad too.

  DieSse 14:05 07 Oct 2007

beast - not a beast - the best 8-))

  John Ross 22:15 13 Oct 2007

Thanks for everyone's advice, and for my other similar posting for RAM upgrade to my main PC.
You were right :
There is now 2 X 256Mb RAM in this old 933Hz Pentium 3 PC, and for 90% of what we are doing it runs as fast as one could wish. It is also much more stable than before.
I wonder if it will last long enough to outlive Windows Xp?
Now back to the battle of stopping the &£!X*&?! wireless network from freezing!

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