A RAM question

  hiwatt 15:14 20 Feb 2009

Hi folks,I'm buying new ram and just want to make sure it is suitable for my computer.My motherboard is an Abit KU8 which has 2 184-pin DDR DIMM slots for DDR 400 memory modules.It stakes up to 2 gb.The memory I'm looking at is 2x 512mb of DDR400 PC3200.Will this be ok?Thanks.

  Technotiger 15:27 20 Feb 2009

click here run the scan and you will be told exactly what is ok for your particular computer.

  gazzaho 15:29 20 Feb 2009

I wouldn't like to steer you in the wrong direction by advising memory, why not use the memory advisors on the memory sites to find the correct ram, try here click here or click here

  gazzaho 15:29 20 Feb 2009

Lol Techotiger you beat me to it.

  hiwatt 16:12 20 Feb 2009

I should've mentioned that I've tried crucial in the past and it couldn't find a match for my system.I'll give the other one a go.It was just incase someone knew for definite that this RAM was suitable for this motherboard.Thank you.

  ol blueeyes 16:20 20 Feb 2009

I would go to Crucial if I were you not only do they tell you exactly what you need and give you many alternatives. There service is excellent. I recently ordered from them at 1400 one day and I installed it at 10am the next morning.

  hiwatt 16:21 20 Feb 2009

I scanned with the 1st link in gazzaho's link and it said this memory was compatible?
DDR-400 (XMS-3200C2)What do you think?Should the memory I mentioned above be ok?

  hiwatt 10:17 21 Feb 2009

What d'you think people?Should it be ok?

  MAJ 10:25 21 Feb 2009

"The memory I'm looking at is 2x 512mb of DDR400 PC3200.Will this be ok?"

Yes that's the correct memory for your motherboard. It needs to be non-ECC un-buffered memory though, so make sure the modules you buy, are.

  hiwatt 10:36 21 Feb 2009

Thank you MAJ.

  MAJ 10:55 21 Feb 2009

Be aware, hiwatt, 2x 512MB modules will give you 1GB of memory, not the maximum 2GB your motherboard can handle. 1GB will be okay for XP, so long as you're not doing anything too intensive on the PC, video editing/encoding for example, would be slow.

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