tobyjug2007 12:34 29 Jun 2009

Hi people, i'm a bit stuck with a RAM issue on my PC. The Ram installed is DDR 2 PC2-5300 333 MHZ, anyone recommend a website where i can purchase any RAM with these specs, and as well can anybody tell me what is the difference between ECC & Non ECC...i dont know what that means, and can i go wrong if i purchase the wrong type...I have a Tower PC, not a laptop but i cant seem to find a website who stock the 333 MHZ...am i correct in thinking this is RAM meant for possibly a laptop.
Any help would be gratefully received, i want to Upgrade my RAM but dont wish to physically take the tower to a computer outlet.
Thanks in advance :-)

  birdface 12:39 29 Jun 2009

Maybe run the scan on this and see what it recommends.

click here

  tobyjug2007 13:00 29 Jun 2009

I bought the pc second user, so i dont know the manufacturer, i cant see anything on the case, i did use a programme CPUz to scan my system to find the specs, it came up with the DDR2 PC2-5300 (333MHz) but i cant seem to locate anyone who even stocks the 333MHz variant, or is it so crucial to the running of the thing?

  birdface 13:38 29 Jun 2009

Maybe download and run this.

click here

It will tell you what you have on your computer.

All I can tell you about crucial is that they will scan your computer and tell you if you can upgrade the Memory and will supply what is needed and post it to you very quickly.
But if you are quite happy with the way the computer is running just now why change.

  OTT_Buzzard 19:15 29 Jun 2009

you're almost certainly running 667MHz RAM.
I don't believe that DDR2 was ever made at 333MHz.

  tobyjug2007 19:22 29 Jun 2009

After a bit of searching you are correct its 667 MHz, thanks to everybodys kind help and advice

  DieSse 01:08 30 Jun 2009

Just to explain - it runs on a 333MHz clock - but DDR stands for Double Data Rate - it actually does two cycles per clock cycle - which effectively doubles it's rate ie 667MHz.

  Terry Brown 14:10 30 Jun 2009

Download siw.exe.
This is the windows system Diagnostic program. (Systems InformationWindows).

go to Hardware then Motherboard, this will give you all the details you need to get the right memory modules.

You can also get the same info from BELARC.
For sales of your Memory type, try this link.
click here=


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