RAM probs again

  Wizards_Sleeve 14:21 15 Jan 2007

Hey all,

Machine Spec:- Intel C2D E6700, XFX GeForce 8800GTX, ASUS P5N32-E, 2x1024 Corsair XMS DDR2 800, Enermax 535W PSU, 2x 80gig SATA2 in RAID 0.

Righto, first a bit of back ground on my problem. Bought a new pc from a company which shall remain nameless, and from the off it didn't run properly playing games, ie it crashed completely and just the image on the screen was visible. So it was sent back, to which they responded by sending it back with the RAM changed and HD formatted and windows reinstalled. I reload COD 2 and it responds the same as it did when before it went back!!! So I flash the bios and install the latest drivers, install latest nVidia drivers, see if that works! nope. So I get on the phone to the company and they tell me to adjust the RAM timings to what is stated on the sticks,5,5,5,15. No change. Run it in single channel mode, no change. Run it with just one stick of ram in and YAY it works! So it goes back to the company for a second time for them to investigate. Turns out that if they reduce the speed from 800Mhz to 677Mhz and it runs fine, so they change the motherboard. They now test it and STILL it wont run at 800Mhz!!

So, I phoned this afternoon to be told that they have been in touch with ASUS to see if they can write a bios for me to enable my MOBO to run the RAM at 800Mhz!!!

What I would like to know is, are they waffling??

I can't believe that I am the only one with an ASUS motherboard that won't run RAM at 800Mhz? The ASUS webby says that the RAM fitted will run at 800 in dual channel, and higher once CPU's can support it. So why won't mine?????

Any thoughts?? Are they fobbing me off?
Cheers me dears

  STREETWORK 14:44 15 Jan 2007

Apparently, according to asus, this is the ultimate gaming board (ASUS P5N32-E) and it should run DDR2 800

First thing to do is normally to update the graphics driver and sound driver. Also install the COD Patch 1.5 from the Activision website...

Sound drivers can cause this issue...

Also stop any unwanted software from running in the background or loading at start up to see if this improves anything...

  Wizards_Sleeve 14:56 15 Jan 2007

All the games are patched to the latest spec.
Sound is onboard and have updated them aswell! I have ran COD 2 as the only installed programme on the computer apart from windows (XP SP2), so no issues I think with unwanted background programmes. And yeah, the ultimate gaming board !! The RAM fitted is on their QVL (qualified vendors list). They have the PC at their premises at the moment.

  TOPCAT® 15:01 15 Jan 2007

problems with this board. click here There's six pages of the thread to look at. Hope you can find the answer somewhere on those pages. TC.

  Wizards_Sleeve 15:27 15 Jan 2007

seems a few are having almost the same probs doesn't it, have emailed the link to the company to see what they say! cheers topcat

  Wizards_Sleeve 09:20 16 Jan 2007

well after fowarding those links to the company, they have responded by saying that ASUS have said to overclock the RAM to 900Mhz and that should produce a stable system?!! hmm the story goes on!

From reading those links though it seems that there is a problem with fitting PC6700 corsair memory to ASUS motherboards, and the solution is to fit PC8500 or a different brand such as Gskill.

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