RAM Problems

  gar1990 00:11 18 Dec 2007

I ordered 2 gb of ram, in 2 1gb parts. i installed them along with my original 1 512mb part and the computer turns on then freezes during start up. i removed the orginal ram and the computer works what is the problem????

  Kemistri 00:35 18 Dec 2007

It cannot support more than 2GB.

  Totally-braindead 01:02 18 Dec 2007

Either your board supports memory in pairs, it might fire up with just the 2 1 gig units in place or as Kemistri says you board can't support more than 2 gig or its the wrong type of RAM.

Theres lots of things you need to know about memory to make sure its compatible its not just the speed.

Try Crucial with the 512mb in place and let it scan your computer. It should identify your motherboard and tell you what it supports etc. click here

  mrwoowoo 01:02 18 Dec 2007

Either that or the new memory isn't compatible with the old stick.
Sometimes pc3200 for eg.will run with pc2700 but more often than not won't.
pc3200 will usually always run with pc2100 exept with certain motherboards.
Also a lot of amd boards don't run very well with all 3 slots full.
For the sake of 512mb ram i would just use the two 1gb sticks.You will hardly notice the difference.

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