RAM problems

  Prometheus5807 19:51 21 Mar 2006

I have a problem with my new 1gb RAM stick, it works, I've tested it at the computers at work. When I put it into my PC at home, the PC refuses to boot. It's not a problem with me not fitting the RAM correctly, I've been doing it for years.

I currently have 2x512mb RAM, I have 4 RAM slots.
The only combination that I have found to work is, 512,0,512,1024. From left to right. However the system did not recognise the RAM.

I have also noticed that my RAM slots are marked green and purple for some reason I have not yet discovered.

I've checked my PC spec and it says my PC can be upgraded to 4gb.

I'm running XP on a 3.6ghz computer.

The RAM I have installed is 2x512 SDRAM, PC3200, The RAM I'm installing is 1x1024 SDRAM, PC3200.

Please help. I've tried to include all the details I can think of. I'd tell you who made the RAM but its just got numbers on the side of it.

Dominic Slater

  howard63 19:59 21 Mar 2006

my new mobo has green and purple slots - it has a warning not to fill purple slots until green are full. My 2 512mb sticks are single sided. When I looked at the manual it shows single sided memory in 1 green and 1 purple slot. This is how it works it did not work with both in the green slots. Read your manual another little bit in mine did not like the mixing of different capacities.

  Stuartli 20:03 21 Mar 2006

This link on Google states:

Always insert the memory modules into the GREEN slots first, and it is strongly recommended not to insert the memory modules into the PURPLE slots while the ...
click here -

but, for some reason, the website times out before loading up.

  Prometheus5807 20:21 21 Mar 2006

I don't have manuals. I bin them, or lose them. Either way I don't have my PC manual and I got the RAM off ebay. How do I find out if my RAM is single or double sided? is it just the microchips are on both sides of the RAM stick or just one side?

  howard63 20:29 21 Mar 2006

chips 1 side single sided both sides double sided. Look on google for your mobo manual they are all there somewhere. or give us the details one of us may have that manual.

  ACOLYTE 20:37 21 Mar 2006

What mobo do you have?

It should work in slot one on its own,if you add another stick of ram it should go in slot 3 thats for ds/ss ram.
to add 3 pieces of ram they should go in slot 1/2/3
this is also ds/ss ram.
This is assuming you have Dual channel technology ram (DDR).

For non dual techonogy you can only add 1/2 sticks of ram into certain slots

slot 1/2/3, 1 stick of ds/ss ram
to add 2 sticks of ram you use slot 1/2 thats ds/ss

or slots 3/4 but that is jusr ss ram and they have to be identical size and type or the pc wont boot.

This is for my mobo as you didnt say what u had so i hope it helps.

  Prometheus5807 20:53 21 Mar 2006

I can't find which motherboard I have, I have an Advent T9302. I can find specs on the net, but nothing that tells me my motherboard, is there another way?

My old RAM and new RAM both look double sided.

  ACOLYTE 20:55 21 Mar 2006

click here should tell you what mobo u have.

  phono 21:12 21 Mar 2006

Your PC has an MS 7046 motherboard, a quick Google provided a PDF of the manual, on checking the section on memeory support it states the following: Supports 128Mb, 256Mb or 512Mb DDR technologies.

It looks like you cannot use 1Gb, I would check the MSI website for an updated BIOS to see if that may help, although I doubt it.

  Danoh 21:21 21 Mar 2006

The MSI manual will also tell you the colour coding of the slots is for dual channel DDR pairing.

  Prometheus5807 21:33 21 Mar 2006

Well, I thankyou all for replying and helping. I shall sell my 1gb and buy two more 512's.

Thankyou very much.

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