RAM problem to Overall PC problem- HELP!

  vgregster 17:08 25 Nov 2007

Hi there,

i initially had a problem with one of my corsair dominator 1066mhz 8500 ram modules so had to request an RMA. in the meantime i rented a single 1gb ddr3 module running at 533mhz- which i forgot, my motherboard would not support as it only goes as low as 633mhz.

so when i tried to boot with this temporary ram in place, there was no output to my monitor and the Graphics card's fan was louder than usual, revving quicker..

now that my original corsair ram is back, i have tried resetting CMOS back to default settings but i still have this same problem over no monitor output (so can;t even get into BIOS) and the loud graphics card.

what would any one suggest? is it sounding like a MOBO problem?

many thanks,


  vgregster 17:10 25 Nov 2007

sorry, all ram mentioned in this threat is DDR2, NOT DDR3... sorry- TYPO.


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