RAM problem - motherboard??

  steved 12:55 26 Jan 2004

I recently added a second 256mb DDR-333 RAM module for my PC, after which the PC SOMETIMES froze on startup whilst testing the memory (the actual message was "Memory Testi"!) I tried swopping the RAM around and even removing the new module altogether, but it still (intermittently) does it. Somebody on this forum suggested that I may have fried both modules whilst installing them, so I've just bought a third 256mb module... but still get the same problem even when the first two aren't installed.

So - it's obviously not the RAM itself that's the problem. Could there be a fault with the motherboard? I can't get into BIOS as the PC freezes before I can get into the BIOS screen...

  hugh-265156 13:05 26 Jan 2004

try with the original stick of ram only.enter your bios if you can and enable quick boot if there is that option available then try the new ram again one stick at a time.

or send it back and purchase from click here use the wizard to find out if you have the correct type for your computer.

  Gaz W 13:32 26 Jan 2004

As huggyg71 says, it might be that you've got the wrong type. Even if your motherboard supports DDR, it doesn't mean it supports DDR 333 or 400, and maybe your motherboard is DDR 266 (PC 2100).

You could always use the wizard on crucial.com to find the type you need and then shop around elsewhere to find it cheaper. :)


  steved 15:10 26 Jan 2004

Thanks for suggestions - I'll check them out tonight when I get home. If new RAM is wrong type, how come the problem also happens if only old RAM is installed?? And how come it only happens sometimes??

  Gaz W 23:10 26 Jan 2004

It still sounds like you have either bought the wrong type of memory and maybe installing the second one made your motherboard supply too high a voltage to the original one and "fried" it, although I'm no memory expert, and now you've got the wrong memory type again, i.e. DDR 333 and it's not entirely backward-compatible.

Check your motherboard manual to see if it supports DDR 333. If you don't have a manual, use crucial.com (mentioned above by huggyg71).

Hopefully the correct type of memory will solve the problem. Also make sure you have pressed it into the slots firmly - this has caused me problems in the past.


  woodchip 23:15 26 Jan 2004

Have a close look in the socket you loaded the new modual you may have bent a connctor and made it short out

  steved 08:26 27 Jan 2004

OKay - so I got home last night, turned PC on and it booted normally with all three three modules working fine. I was so excited to get access to my files that I didn't think to check the BIOS or anything! I did check memry type though, and the original module (supplied with motherboard) was ddr 333 too, so no problem there. Tried again this morning and, surprise! PC froze during memory testing. Arghhh!!

Thanks for suggestion re. bent pins woodchip; I'll check them out when I get home.

  steved 13:28 10 Feb 2004

Arghhh! After a week of normal working it's done it again! I've got the right memory (I bought the motherboard from Novatech pre-installed with one 256mb 333mhz PC2700 DDR), I've bought a third 333mhz module and installed it on it's own and it still froze during memory testing. I can't see any bent connectors, and I even cleared the BIOS to see if that would make it boot - but no success. I've also tried booting with all the drives disconnected in case there was a fault there, but no change.

Is there anything apart from a faulty motherboard that could cause this?

  Jester2K 13:30 10 Feb 2004

Whats the spec of the rest of the PC including the PSU size?

  Indigo 1 13:35 10 Feb 2004

Have you tried installing just one stick in different slots ?

  steved 14:06 10 Feb 2004

xp2000 running winXP. Tried different sticks in different slots, togrther and alone.

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