RAM problem. BIOS update needed?

  Armchair 15:11 25 Mar 2007

I bought two 1GB DIMMs to replace my two 512MB DIMMs. The PC won't boot up with the two 1GB ones in, though. It works with a 512MB and either of the 1GB ones, so I have 1.5GB.

Motherboard is MSI MS-6701, and according to the manual for it, the maximum RAM it can accept is 2GB (2 RAM slots).

Would a BIOS update do the trick? I've never updated it since I bought the PC in March 2003. Is it possible that 1GB DIMMs weren't common back then?

The BIOS update for my motherboard listed on the Medion site is dated October 2005. I would like to try it, but I'm not sure what to do. I don't have the original hard drive installed now. I replaced it with a higher capacity one last year.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:07 25 Mar 2007

Think very carefully before doing a BIOS flash!!!!

Failure means a scrap motherboard and as medions are a bit special in how the parts interact then its a scrap PC.

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  skidzy 16:26 25 Mar 2007

Before you attempt the Bios flashing,(not worth the risk) run a crucial scan to what they say about the ram.click here
I have a feeling you may have bought the wrong speed,although xp and the bios recognises this and would run backward compatible.

Do heed the warning of Flashing the bios,only do this if serious problems or you know exactly why you are doing this.

  ashdav 16:47 25 Mar 2007

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check the RAM carefully.

  Armchair 18:07 25 Mar 2007

Sorry, I should have posted again earlier, but I was in such a flap I didn't.........

What happened was this:-

I tried them both separately (only 2 slots remember........) with a 512MB DIMM, but one showed 1535MB in Everest, and the other 512MB. So, one of them wasn't working.

1GBa + 1GBb = won't boot.
1GBa + 512MB = showing 512MB total
1GBb = 512MB = showing 1535MB total
1GBb by itself = beeping, error message PC!!!!

I then sped back to PC World and got a refund on 1GBa (it's a 30 minute drive, and I didn't want to risk another non-working DIMM!). I now have 1535MB installed, which will do for now.

Thsi is the memory in question, btw:-

click here

It says on the packaging:-

184 pin 400MHz DIMM (128x64)

It's unbranded, no manufacture date showing in Everest. Have I bought a dud, lol? I'm not going back again!

  Armchair 18:10 25 Mar 2007

Btw, the Memory Timings match at 166MHz (which is the best my motherboard can handle), 2.5-3-3-7, so that's okay.

  Armchair 18:14 25 Mar 2007

That Crucial scanner reports that I have three RAM slots (there are only two), and that the maximum amount of RAM I can have installed is 3GB (it's 2GB). It reckons I have an empty slot (it hasn't).

  Armchair 18:28 25 Mar 2007

Ran SIsoft Sandra. It shows the 1GB DIMM as:-

Technology - 16x(64Mx8)

It also shows the date of manufacture to be 25th December 1999!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 What the Hell?!

  Armchair 18:33 25 Mar 2007

Last post. I'll make do with 1.5GB for nowThis upgrade doesn't appear to have worked out as badly as it could have. Thanks for the advice.

  Armchair 18:53 25 Mar 2007

Mind you, it is strange how it would boot up with a working 512MB DIMM, but not with a working 1GB DIMM, isn't it? I don't understand that. If the dud 1GB prevented the PC from booting up in one instance, why not in the other instance?

  Armchair 19:29 25 Mar 2007

Dammit! Now my games keep crashing. Unreal Tournament, which has never crashed before. Call of Duty 2..........

I don't know.........

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