ram or processor

  oddsurfer 22:58 28 Oct 2009

hi there, I'm experiencing problems with my advent 8109 laptop, i.e. taking forever to burn disks, sound distorted rather like a dalek, and was wondering would this point to a memory or chip problem? I've reloaded the drivers from the harddrive, but to no effect.
Does anyone have any info?


  Audio~~Chip 23:42 28 Oct 2009

Which windows have you got

  OTT_Buzzard 01:34 29 Oct 2009

I can't see that either RAM or processor would cause that. More likely to be a dirty or worn DVD writer.

Does it play pre-recorded DVD's ok?

  oddsurfer 10:42 29 Oct 2009

I'm running XP. Regarding the writer, what was taking say 8mins to burn before the probs is taking over half an hour now - was wondering if the memory was struggling to buffer the info. Playing music or video through media player or other applications the sound is distorted and stuttering.

  OTT_Buzzard 20:18 29 Oct 2009

If it were your memory playing up, or the processor, you would likely be seeing other obvious symptoms. E.g. blue screens and boot failures.

Try a DVD cleaning kit or a differnt DVD writer.

  oddsurfer 22:56 29 Oct 2009

I can take on board the points on the dvd writer, but how does that explain the sound issue?

  woodchip 00:00 30 Oct 2009

Playing music or video through media player or other applications the sound is distorted and stuttering.

If that is over the Net you are doing it then you have a slow download problem from sites or its you ISP setup. If its the above, this is not related to Burning discs

  xania 11:07 30 Oct 2009

You don't mention how long you have been working witrh the current install of XP. It may well be that, over time, your OS has become clogged and thast all you need a is a fresh install of the system. Save all your data, settings etc (you should do this reguslaly in any case) then you should b e able to reset your system to when you first bought it.

  OTT_Buzzard 16:41 30 Oct 2009

I took you post @ 10:42 to mean that you were playing DVD's using media player as the interface.

Is it not working playing files on your hard drive?

  oddsurfer 08:33 31 Oct 2009

yes that's correct - any audio or sounds through the speakers are distorted.

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