ram not seen

  menorcarob2 10:58 30 Mar 2004


i have 768mb of sdram (3 x 256mb's)in my machine had a fan problem, replaced the fan and in the prossess removed one of the sticks of 256mb and replaced it in the same slot, now my machine will only see 256mbs of ram, the board is a qdi 10, and it will take up to 1500mbs of sdram, aida32 reports it as 256 and the post reports it as 256 no matter how i combine the sticks it will only read 256, i have reset the bios but it is still the same, any ideas would be appreiated.


  Diemmess 11:23 30 Mar 2004

Gloomy thoughts suggest a RAM chip/s or mobo fault, and a plodding check to prove things may help.

I would take out the chips in turn and see what happens, or when 256Mb becomes 0.

Then if you are down to one chip and it still shows 256, then try replaceing that chip with one you have previously removed.

It may be fiddly and time consuming because you must switch off while you are doing this and take care not to damage the chips with static from you or clothing, but if all three chips will work in one position, then it leaves the mobo.

  menorcarob2 12:29 30 Mar 2004

After a lot of swopping around of the sticks and scratching of the head, it finaly saw all 768mb hooray! at this time the box was on its side under my desk when i went to stand it up, the machine crashed, then it would not see the total ram, there must be a bad connection somewhere on the mobo, so after a million moves the computer is upright and working with 768mbs, but i must add that i gave it a gentle kick while it was in the position under the desk and not seeing 768 and now it seems fine.


  Diemmess 16:03 30 Mar 2004

Always the thing you'd never expect. From that, there's now another question to ask anyone seeking help..... What happens when you kick it?

It must bother you why its posture is so important. Normally a box will work any which way, provided it remains still while switched on.

Check for any loose (overlooked) screws floating about, or anything which could make or break an internal contact which it shouldn't have.
Test your muscles by removing any floppy or CD and with the box disconnected, turn it upside down, shake it and listen for a tell-tale rattle.

  SANTOS7 16:07 30 Mar 2004

puts a whole new slant on BOOTING UP

  menorcarob2 16:47 30 Mar 2004

i have had to give it a few more boots as it keeps freezing, but it seems ok now, the cables all seem to be connected well and the cards are right home so it must be the mobo, will see how it goes for now, as it had been ok for the last three months, it just goes to show that if it is not broke dont fix it, all i was doing was fitting a larger cpu fan.


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