Ram need to check out.

  Digit 15:52 01 Aug 2005

Hi I just ordered a new PC I asked for an upgrade of ram from the standard 512 to 1 gig.
Just checked it out and it show’s 892 that’s a 128 Meg short in my thinking, it says 1 Gig on final bill.
Where do I go to check out if all’s well on my PC with the Ram
Running XP for first time.

Thanks in Advance


  recap 16:00 01 Aug 2005

Go to Run and type in dxdiag

  De Marcus™ 16:01 01 Aug 2005

If you have integrated graphics this would explain the missing ram

  PC Bilbo 16:33 01 Aug 2005

Go into the Bios (usually hit either F2 or Delete key on startup - your manual should state how).

Under "Main"heading you should find info on no. of DDR slots and how much RAM in MB,s is in each.

Next navigate to "Chipset Configuration" usually under Advanced or similar Heading and find AGP aperture size.

If you have graphics integrated into an on board chip rather than a separate graphics card,this figure should be deducted from the total of 1028MB.

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