Ram on my laptop

  LAPTOPBABE 22:23 08 Feb 2006

My new laptop was supposed to have 256mb ram. When I right clicked on 'my computer' it said 192mb. Does anyone know why this might be? Should I take it back to Currys?

  Skills 22:27 08 Feb 2006

Chances are that the graphics card in your laptop takes it memory from the system memory. From the figure you've quoted you've got 64Mb used for the graphics card and the rest for system memory.

  De Marcus™ 22:27 08 Feb 2006

Your laptop is fine, the onboard 64mb graphics chip is using it's allocated system memory because it doesn't have any of it's own, so it borrows from the main memory. Your probably better of sticking more memory in anyway, and 256 or 512 should see it along nicely.

  gudgulf 22:29 08 Feb 2006

Your memory is shared with the onboard graphics.....192Mb for Windows/programs + 64Mb for the graphics = 256MB

Nothing to worry about.

  VoG II 22:30 08 Feb 2006

As above plus check out click here and consider adding an extra 256 MB - it will run a lot faster.

  anchor 09:41 09 Feb 2006

My 4 year old Toshiba notebook had 256Mb Ram. I recently considered increasing it to 512Mb, but was put off when I found that both memory slots were already occupied with 2 x 128Mb.

Having been told that I would need 2 x 256Mb I felt that the cost, (around £130), of replacing all my present memory was not worth it. I decided to put this towards a new, up-to-date, notebook, many of which already have 512Mb of memory.

  J B 09:56 09 Feb 2006

There is click here It looks like they have reasonable prices to boot. J.B.

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