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  GBL 15:10 07 Feb 2008

On my second PC I wish to upgarde the RAM as it only has 128mb. I do not know what the Mobo is. I did a scan with Crucial and they say that I can use DDR PC2700 CL=2.5 unbuffered non ECC DDR333. So i bought some and put it in, the computer failed to start up. The module that is in is PC2100 266mhz DIMM. So I wondered whether it is because of the PC2700 and PC2100, whatever that is. I did a scan with Crucial on this PC and it stated that I have four slots, which is wrong as there are only three. Any suggestions?? The new modules work as I have one of them installed in this machine.

  harry12 15:19 07 Feb 2008

If you bought the ram from Crucial they will be happy to help sort out your problem and change ram if required.

  Totally-braindead 15:20 07 Feb 2008

Have you tried having a good luck at the motherboard, there should be some sort of ID on what the board is, usually a strip of numbers and letters eg GA7VAXP or whatever.

I can only assume that the motherboard you have is one made for a particular manufacturer, for example Dell might ask a company to make a board based on one they make but ask for less memory slots.

I presume that the machine you are on now is not the one you bought the memory for? Its just you say it didn't start and then say that they are working in the machine.

The advantage with buying from Crucial is they will take it back no problem. I don't know if the speed can have any relevance, I personally think not as it would just drop the speed back to PC2100 speeds so I think it must be something else like single or double sided chips or parity differences or whatever.

Have you tried the new memory on its own? Is the size of the memory module supported?

  GBL 15:21 07 Feb 2008

No they were not from there

  GBL 15:25 07 Feb 2008

I bought two memory modules with a view of using one in each machine, the second PC is an eMachine, I will take another look at the module that is in it.
Sorry for the confusion but yes this is my other PC which does recognise and use the new memory, it is the second one which failed to start until I took the new module back out.

  Totally-braindead 15:25 07 Feb 2008

The light dawns.

You used the Crucial scan and it told you what you needed and you bought from elsewhere.

Is that right?

If so then thats the problem. The memory you have is not exactly what Crucial said and you'll have to return it to where you bought it from.

All memory is not equal and some boards are very fussy. I've seen quite a few people trying to save themselves a few quid using Crucials recommendations and buying cheaper RAM and finding it won't work.

  Totally-braindead 15:27 07 Feb 2008

You've bought memory that isn't compatible with one of your PCs. Every motherboard is different, what one board will take another might not.

  GBL 15:38 07 Feb 2008

That is correct, I can use the memory in this machine but from what you say get some more for the second one. Why is nothing simple??


  Totally-braindead 16:16 07 Feb 2008

geoffy the problem is memory looks the same but isn't. You have to take into account not just if it will fit in a certain slot and the speed but also things like Parity, ECC or non ECC and buffered or unbuffered and you cannot see that.

The trouble with some memory you buy is it sometimes doesn't give you enough info in the first place. It will tell you the size and speed of the module and thats it and sometimes that isn't enough info as some motherboards are very fussy.

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