Ram memory slot won't work

  Spugy 07:33 02 Sep 2005

I'm sure my problem has cropped up before but I cant seem to fine any mention of it in the archives, so
I was running with 256MB of RAM and wanted to upgrade, so I bought a new 512MB stick. The new RAM works fine but when I put the old stick in the adjacent slot the computer does not recognise it.
I have swapped them around and run both sticks seperatley, both worl fine but not together. My assumption is that the motherboard is the culprit? I ran SiSoft Sandra and even that said that the second slot was empty.
I'm keen but not all that savvy with computers so I'm not sure where to look to see if the slot has been disabled. I went into the setup programme (I followed the simple instructions in the motherboard users guide) but could not anything.

I have the following:

eMachines 190 - Intel Celeron 2.2GHz
Micro ATX board - IM845GL (only 2 DIMM sockets)
The Ram is DDR PC2100

Any help would be appreciated


  dave_and_confused 08:35 02 Sep 2005

Are the two sticks the same?

  martjc 11:49 02 Sep 2005

If so, are they the same BRAND of memory? This can make a difference! Some motherboards will not accept even really good memory if there are odd strips - some will not even use memory of a particular brand! If in any doubt, do not mix!

  Graham ® 11:53 02 Sep 2005

Put the PC details in click here

  Spugy 17:21 02 Sep 2005

To answer the three questions:

Yes both sticks are the same, in as much as they are both PC2100 266Mhz DDR. But no they are not the same brand.
The original 256MB stick is Innnix Korea
The new stick is from GB Micro.

Thanks for the link to Crucial, but they do not have my system in their database.

As I said before it's No is 190/390 (I think the 390 might be for a foreign market) and neither numbers appear against eMachines.

I ran the Crucial Scanner and the results said that I required DDR PC2100 CL=2.5 Non ECC Unbuffered, which is what I purchased.

  jack 21:01 02 Sep 2005

You have not said so I dare to ask -What operating system?

  Terry Brown 22:16 02 Sep 2005

Runthe everest system diagnostic, and it will show you all memory and it's codes. Chances are they are slightly different.

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