RAM memory question

  liloldlady 08:23 08 Mar 2011

Hi, I have just formatted my drive because it was running very slowly, things are better now but when I want to use my Photoshop CS2 software it keeps freezing, this is why I did the formatting. When I bought this laptop it said it had 2GB RAM but I have just looked in the system window and it sais that I only have 1014MB of RAM???. I am thinking therefore of buying another maybe refurbished laptop to just have Photoshop on it as I am learning this programme and want to use it a lot. How can I be sure that it has the amount of RAM that it sais on the box???Thanks in advance...

  onthelimit 08:37 08 Mar 2011

Best way is what you have done - boot it up, right click 'my computer', select properties. That shows you what the machine can see (RAM can be duff).

  bremner 08:40 08 Mar 2011

I expect it says 1024MB of RAM.

It could be that it only has 1GB but more likely that the on board graphics are taking the other 1GB.

  liloldlady 08:40 08 Mar 2011

Hi, I am running Vista Home, how do I find this...

  Batch 08:41 08 Mar 2011

It maybe that some of your RAM has developed a fault (and so maybe there was originally 2GB). If it is still under warrant you should take it back and get it fixed.

If it isn't under warranty, if you don't feel confident about opening up the bottom of the laptop yourself, I'd suggest you take it to a local PC repairer and ask them to check.

  liloldlady 08:44 08 Mar 2011

Yes it says 1024 RAM. Why does the advertising tell you 1GB then??? very confused...I want to buy another laptop, I will be uaing it for the internet and mainly Photoshop any suggestionss please....Thanks

  Batch 08:45 08 Mar 2011

I think it is unlikely that your graphics is using anywhere near as much as 1GB.

It is usual for on-board graphics to grab a bit of memory though. For example my 1GB PC reports as 1015MB - 'cos 9MB (of the 1024MB that make up the 1GB) has been grabbed for the graphics.

  liloldlady 08:45 08 Mar 2011

Hi Batch, should I just ditch this laptop as it was cheap???It is a Gateway and the whole reason I bought it was because it said 2 GB...

  bremner 16:19 08 Mar 2011

If your computer was only using 9MB for graphics nothing would be display - unless it is very very old ;o)


1GB is 1024MB

Run this click here and report back what it says about RAM and Graphics

  Batch 17:36 08 Mar 2011

1280 x 1024 screen resolution x 32bit colour depth = 41,943,040 bits = 5,242,880 bytes.

  Batch 17:39 08 Mar 2011

And BTW, I've just checked the Intel Graphics driver report and it reports:

Minimum Graphics Memory 8MB

Maximum Graphics Memory 128MB

Currently in use 9MB

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