RAM Limits in VISTA

  steve587 12:52 06 Nov 2007

I recently tried to add additional RAM to my PC, taking it up to the maximum I understand is feasible for VISTA Home Premium (32-bit) of 4Gb.
I already had 2 x 1 Gb sticks of Corsair PC 6400 (800 MHz)RAM and looked to add 2 more of exactly the same type. My motherboard is ASUS P5N-ESLI 1333fsb-DDR800x4 SLI which can take up to 8 Gb RAM.
With the 4 sticks of RAM, my PC would freeze; would not boot correctly; ever failed to start in Safe mode. Taking a stick out - after testing combinations of different sticks in different slots - produced stable results. I know that RAM is technically measured to be slightly more than a round number of Gb - my stable 3 sticks show as 3070 Mb - so is this the problem in that 4 sticks technically exceed the 4 Gb limit of VISTA?? Is there something else to do to correct this??

  anskyber 13:00 06 Nov 2007

Home Premium RAM max is 4gig but that will include any dedicated RAM say associated with your graphics card.

Usually therefore the practical max is about 3.7 gig.

I cannot explain your freezing issues.

  anskyber 13:03 06 Nov 2007

A longer answer click here

  steve587 11:27 07 Nov 2007

Seems to provide part of the answer, but doesn't explain the freezing and booting issues I experienced when I actually had 4 sticks of RAM installed - this response seems to imply I should have been able to install them all, even if they were not being accessed.

  tell_boy 16:19 09 Nov 2007

I had a similar problem on a new Dell PC.
The PC BIOS reported 4 GB RAM working perfectly but Windows Vista reported Physical RAM present as only 3GB.

Dell emailed me back a Microsoft Page link that explained that Vista only reports up to 3GB.

click here

It was never clear to me whether or not the extra 1GB I had paid for was actually doing anything beneficial or not.

  Pine Man 16:47 09 Nov 2007

First of all the 4GB limit applies to ALL 32bit operating systems - it's nothing to do with Vista.

Secondly, in answer to tell-boy's query, you should always have matched pairs of RAM if not Dual Channel memory will be disabled.

Thirdly the P5N-ESLI Asus motherboards are notoriously flakey when adding additional RAM and this is more than likely the reason why steve587 had problems with freezing etc. Check out the Asus forum for more info. click here

  hssutton 17:58 09 Nov 2007

I have 4Gb in matched pairs in my Asus M2NPV-VM motherboard and it runs without any problem, but Vista only recognises 3326 Mb of it. The 4Gb is recognised by Bios

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