RAM issue on Win7 64bit

  Dazza76 18:22 29 Dec 2009

I'm running the 64bit version of Windows 7 and I have 4gb of RAM on the mother board. However the system is only showing 2.9gb of usable RAM. This is less than it was showing on 32bit Vista. Any ideas?


  Fingees 18:48 29 Dec 2009

Have you got integrated graphics, as more will be used because it is available

  jimv7 18:54 29 Dec 2009
  Dazza76 18:59 29 Dec 2009

I think so yes. Is there any way of limiting how much use the graphics card sucks up? It's a Nvidia GeForce 8600 GTS

  User-312386 19:02 29 Dec 2009

Dazza look at jimv7 link. I Looked into it in great detail

  Dazza76 13:19 30 Dec 2009

Thanks for the responses but I've still got the same problem. The initial suggestion didn't work and I can't find the BIOS options that were mentioned. I have an Asus Commando mother board....might the options be worded differently?

  john bunyan 13:32 30 Dec 2009

I assume you do not have a dual boot set up with XP or Vista? I had your problem when on dual boot.

  Dazza76 13:44 30 Dec 2009

No John, just Win 7 64bit

  john bunyan 13:59 30 Dec 2009

In Control Panel, System,what does it say in "installed Memory"?Does it say 4 Gig but only 2.9 available?

  Dazza76 14:00 30 Dec 2009

Yes, 4gb installed but only 2.94 available.

  john bunyan 14:05 30 Dec 2009

This was the same thing I had with dual boot. My local helper who solved it is away until Tuesday but I will ask him how he solved it - I think it was a BIOS update.. JB

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