RAM installation problems

  Fenre 08:41 11 Nov 2004

'lo lads.

just bought myself a gig of brand new ram, but when I try to put them in, my screen wont start up again. seems like it doesn't get any signal at all from the comp.. now, I've put them in in accordance to the guide provided by the motherboard booklet (thought I fixed it when it turned out that you couldn't have more than 2 dual sided RAM at the same time in there, but nooooo). and I know that they're not broken (I'd still get a signal to the screen then, no?), cause if they are, my old ram would definatly also be broken. and it's the same type of RAM as the old, only this is in 2x 512, where as the old one only was 1x 256.

I'm really at a loss on what to do. any, and I mean any, help will be much apreciated. but if you give me a satanic ritual to preform, please go through every step of the ritual. I don't want any more crap from that red lad down under (the devil lives in australia, don't'cha know).

  D G 08:52 11 Nov 2004

When I fitted extra ram to my Dell pc I had the same problem turned out that it wouldn't use just any make even though it was identical in every way, I finished up having to visit
click here
Where I got the correct ram for the pc.DG

  Diodorus Siculus 08:55 11 Nov 2004

Do you get any beeps when you put it in?

Where did the RAM come from? IF crucial, give them a call and they will be very helpful.

  TomJerry 09:33 11 Nov 2004

on-board graphics is very fussy about the ram. If it is not compitable, nothing you can do.

You may not have any problem if you do not use on-board graphics.

  Trolley 09:37 11 Nov 2004

Have you made sure that the RAM has the same clock speed?

  Trolley 09:37 11 Nov 2004

Have you made sure that the RAM has the same clock speed? Or a clock speed that is compatible with the motherboard?

  Fenre 10:47 11 Nov 2004

@trolley: both the new RAM and the old RAM are the same type of RAM (DDR PC2100). so yeah, they've got the same clock speed, I would guess. and since the old one worked on my mamaboard, I guessed the new ones should work too. not sure about that parity stuff I read about on crucial. might have to check that one out some more.

@tomjerry: I'm not using the motherboard graphic output, if that's what you mean (not entirely into the lingo here).

@diodurus: is the beep supposed to come when I physically push the stuff in it's slot, or when I turn on the computer? either way, I didn't get any beep. what does the beep signify?

@DG: I went through the questions they had there, and that just told me more or less what I already knew. might have to take that system scan thing, but that'll have to wait 'till I get home.

thank's for the reply though. I'll take all the help I can get.

  Fenre 14:37 11 Nov 2004


sorry lads. just a mechanical problem. turns out that the plastic had gone rotten and a little piece had broken off and fallen down into the port.

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