RAM Installation - Help !!

  Stratman 16:44 09 Dec 2004

I need to upgrade my RAM on my PC and have bought
an additional 256kb DDR can i add this along side the 256kb already in there ?? (I hope so otherwise i've been given some duff gen !!) Is this staightforward or do I need to part with fifteen quid for some whizz kid to do in about 15 seconds (nice work if you can get it !!!!!!) HELP

  Kegger 16:56 09 Dec 2004

Hi Stratman,

easy job to do, turn box off, and then un plug it,if you have an anti-static strap use it, or take metal implement and earth your self on PC chassis,open PC find mem slot insert correctly and fully seat mem, close box , plug back in and check that mem has been recongnised in bios and Windows... a doddle of a job

  D G 16:56 09 Dec 2004

On my Dell Pc it was a piece of cake just fitted it in the spare slot and off we went.don't know if I was just lucky.DG

  ventanas 16:58 09 Dec 2004

Assuming you've got the correct memory its simple enough. Open up the box and locate the existing memory. Then just slot in the new in the adjoining slot, making sure the clips at each end are fully in place. You can't get it the wrong way round because of a lug in the slot.

You'll soon know if you've done it wrong when you start up.

  Gongoozler 17:03 09 Dec 2004

In most cases it's as easy as Kegger and D G say. Some motherboards have a preferance as to which slot the larger stick goes in, so if at first your computer doesn't recognise the full amount, then experiment. Otherwise the main things to be aware of are to make sure the memory is properly seated and the latches fully located in the cutouts, and that you don't accidentally disturb any of the other components on the motherboard. It's not uncommon for a drive connector to be partly pulled out in the process and give strange problems.

  Buchan 35 21:12 09 Dec 2004

As Gongoozler says it`s not always straightforward. Follow Keggers advice but if your OS does`nt regognise the extra RAM on boot up, then switch off again and after following safety procedures remove all RAM, then insert the new one and boot up again. Your OS should recognise this. Switch off again and insert the old one and you should then be rewarded with full RAM recognition. This actually happened to me in July and fortunately a mate in the local told me what to do and it worked. Happy Christmas

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