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  drewett 17:55 08 Oct 2007


I am not a very techy person but have recently bought a couple of sticks of RAM.

I have installed one of them fine, as i only have two memory slots.

Or so i thought..

I have done a couple of system analysis and they have said that i have 3 memory slots, one be empty.

Is this an error, as i have looked and can only find two!

Could someone please help

Thanx James

System Info

Tiny Computers P4M266-8233
Enclosure Type: Desktop

Bus Clock: 133 megahertz
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG 07/27/2004

480 Megabytes Installed Memory

Slot 'A0' has 256 MB
Slot 'A1' has 256 MB
Slot 'A2' is Empty

  csqwared 20:33 08 Oct 2007

It seems that the P4M266-8233 refers to the chipset rather than the mobo. You say you've done a couple of system analysis, have you tried here click here. Extremely reliable supplier of memory and you can do a system scan from the website which should help.



  DieSse 20:54 08 Oct 2007

"Is this an error, as i have looked and can only find two!"

Clearly it is an error if the board's only got two slots. The analysis programs do get this sort of thing wrong sometimes.

  umbongo(uk) 21:08 08 Oct 2007

ok heres a link if you look at the 5th board down this is yours ,,should i say what you posted in your question
click here
but the system might be diffrent as tiny may have specified the board to be made diffrently to go in their system as many manufacturer do do this,with me so far

VIA P4M266A/8235 Chipset this only has 2 memorey dimm slots but will also be the same bios. if you check out all the p4m266 seri,s there is very little to differentiate them besides extra pci slot or dimm slot n fsb so i think the company will have flashed the bio,s all the same then sort issue,s out for specific boards later when a problem arise,s

so all your seeing in the test config is the bio,s entry for an extra dimm slot tht the board dosent physically have

  drewett 21:10 08 Oct 2007

thanx for the responses

I have tried the system analysis on crucial and they say the same thing.

Maybe your right and their is an error.

Was just bemused at why all these system analysis were saying that i had 3 memory slots

just hoping that there was a third slot hidden somewhere!

  cream. 21:13 08 Oct 2007

Your motherboard? click here

It supports 4 memory banks and has 2 slots. Is one of sticks of ram single sided and the other double sided.

  umbongo(uk) 21:50 08 Oct 2007

its not realy an error in an error its broken sense but the fact tht your board is the same as a bigger brother of the same family , tht use,s 3 dimm slots instead of 2 and possibly more pci slots n an ethernet port . but the same bio,s is compatable with both system board so they can cut down costs of making a seperate bios for both boards or family of boards

  drewett 22:00 08 Oct 2007

Percy that looks like my motherboard.

Not sure what you mean by one being single sided and other double sided.

  umbongo(uk) 22:03 08 Oct 2007

on checking percys link and if that is your mobo u can see were the third dimm strip would have been by the side of the power connector plug in and ide connector

  drewett 22:13 08 Oct 2007

Ok thanx for all your help.

I'll have to buy a 512mb or 1gb stick.

At the moment i have pc2100, will pc3200 work in my motherboard?

  DieSse 00:31 09 Oct 2007

Stick to PC2100 will be safest, as the m/b and chipset is specified for that (266MHz).

The higher speed RAMS have slightly different timing specifications. Sometimes they work fine at lower speeds, sometimes they work but give strahge intermittent problems, sometimes they hardly work at all (especially in older boards).

In any case it'll run at the lower speed, so there's no performance gain by getting the higher speed RAM (and they all cost roughly the same at my suppliers in Spain).

If you can't get PC2100 then PC2700 is preferable to PC3200. Whatever you do get a "First Grade" module, with a well known brand name.

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