.RAM file convert to MP3 or WAV

  wint 19:36 24 Aug 2003


I have been sent a .RAM file which plays in Real Player. I need to convert it to MP3 or WAV.

Any suggestions?

Cool Edit won't convert it (or even play it!)


  powerless 19:39 24 Aug 2003

As far as i know you cannot convert RAM files to another format.

  Patr100 19:57 24 Aug 2003

There are some here but I can't vouch for their effectiveness.
click here

  Eastender 19:58 24 Aug 2003
  bremner 20:01 24 Aug 2003

I have a Creative Soundcard and the software includes Creative Recorder. One of the input sources is 'What you hear'

I can play a .ram file on Realplayer and at the same time record it as a wav file using Creative Recorder.

Something like dbpoweramp (a free download) could then be used to convert it to mp3.

  wint 17:47 29 Aug 2003

Had to go to work sooner than I thought, just got back.

The RAM RM To MP3 Converter from Eastender seems to be what I was looking for.


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