RAM on ebay?

  hiwatt 18:47 04 Mar 2009

Hi folks.I need some DDR 400 184 pin RAM to upgrade from my very slow 256mb.Does anyone know if the RAM offered on ebay is ok?Has anyone ever bought RAM from ebay and it's been faulty?Any help is much appreciated.

  MAJ 18:49 04 Mar 2009

You need to make sure that the RAM is compatible with your motherboard, hiwatt. Try running the scanner on the Crucial site to be sure. click here

  MAT ALAN 18:51 04 Mar 2009

No reason why it shouldn't be ok as long as it satisfies the criteria of your existing memory...

this sorta stuff..
CAS latency, voltage, EEC Non-EEC, buffered Un-buffered, Machine specific, Non-machine specific

  hiwatt 18:52 04 Mar 2009

I tried the crucial scan and it couldn't find compatible ram.I've looked at my motherboard manual and it takes DDR 400 184 pin unbuffered RAM(up to 2gb)Thanks.

  Border View 19:39 04 Mar 2009

hiwatt, I bought second hand ram on e-bay about five years ago to increase my 128. Having checked with Cruicial to make sure I was getting the right type I bought to further two sticks of 128. I am the least proficient inside a computer but when they came I managed to take the side of my tower off, install the sticks and hey presto I increased my RAM to 384 RAM. Worked a treat.

The price at the time was buttons.

Good luck

  cream. 20:40 04 Mar 2009

you go for 512Mb or above. Make sure it is not high density ram. The likely hood of it working in your computer is small.

High density ram will only work in the most modern of computer motherboards and then in only certain cases.

Ask the vendor if it is high or low density. If they say they don't know, ask for a full code off the ram. Anything with a 128M or above is high density.

click here

  Terry Brown 21:09 04 Mar 2009

I upgraded my memory about 6 months ago with memory from a company called ORCA.

Phone 0800 032 5095, tell tem your machine or motheboard (To get details download Belarc).

I have had no problems and they are very comarable for price, or you just do a google.
click here=

You can then take your pick.

  Stuartli 21:37 04 Mar 2009

Compare prices with those of respected brands at on-line retailers such as Scan:

click here

  hiwatt 09:52 05 Mar 2009

Thank you for all the replies.I'll give it a go on ebay then and see how I get on.Thanks.

  Stuartli 10:02 05 Mar 2009

My mobo is five years old and takes the same type of RAM - I have two 512MB sticks of Corsair Value RAM and they have proved a first class, yet inexpensive buy at the time (about two-and-a-half years ago).

Prices have gone up again since then, no doubt due to the drop in the value of Sterling.

  hiwatt 15:17 05 Mar 2009

Is this spare RAM you've got or are you still using this RAM?If it is spare I would buy it from you?

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