RAM does not fit!

  Marky_Bhoy 19:41 22 Feb 2004

I seemed to have bought the wrong type of RAM for my PC that I am building.

I bought Crucial 512 DDR333 PC2700 DIMM RAM for this motherboard - PcChips M848ALU SKT A SIS 748 400 DDR AGPx8 ATA133 6CH Sound/lAN/USB 2.0 Upto a 3.2+ CPU Motherboard in Retail Box click here

The RAM does not fit into any of the slots. Should I have bought '400' type?

What is the difference between '333' and '400'. Is it the shape?

Could anyone offer guidance as to which RAM will work on my motherboard. (Would like Crucial 512 ddr)

Thanks in advance

  Diodorus Siculus 19:45 22 Feb 2004

Are you sure that it does not fit? Don't force it, but gently try to push it into place - it should fit in one direction only, so ensure that it is round the correct way.

Where did you get it? If from Crucial, and you ordered it using their memory selector, you should be able to get a refund.

  bremner 19:46 22 Feb 2004

The 2700 and 3200 are physically the same.

I know this is a silly question but you are aware that it can only go in one way round.

  anon1 19:49 22 Feb 2004

What you should have done is gone to the crucial website and then you could have found which ram to buy. You only have to look at your posting to see you got it wrong quote "M848ALU SKT A SIS 748 400 DDR" end quote I do believe it says quite clearly at the end of the line 400DDR not 333. maybe the nice guys at crucial will do an exchange if you ask nicely but I doubt it somehow

  bremner 19:53 22 Feb 2004


Just because the board is rated up to 400DDR doesn't mean you have to fit it.

This board takes many different ratings click here

  R4 19:56 22 Feb 2004

The memory sticks only fit ONE way round. There should be cutouts in the connection strip that should match the connector

  Mikè 20:08 22 Feb 2004
  Paranoid Android 20:13 22 Feb 2004

There are only two physical 'sizes' of memory chip in common use today. The older SDRAM (PC100 and PC133) have 168 pins and 2 cutouts.

DDR RAM (all speeds) has 184 pins and one cutout.

Apart from this, there are the small outline SODIMM modules used in laptops. These have 200 pins and are about half length (6cms).

So you can tell at a glance if you have the right size.

Try pulling aside the white clips, the memory mudule should just fit in between and the cutout should line up with a notch in the memory slot.


  Marky_Bhoy 23:11 22 Feb 2004

Now I feel a little silly. Let me explain:

I was trying to insert it (the right way around) however it did not go into the slot easily.

Normally I would pull back the white clips and insert the RAM at a 45 degree angle and the clips tend to go back into their normal position once the RAM goes in.

However with this motherboard it did not allow for the 45 degree angle. When I was pushing down the white clips would not 'grab' the RAM. Each time I tried I would push harder. I was getting worried that I would break it.

Then after reading the replies to this thread I thought I'd give it one more try. And hey presto it went in!

But trust me - I had to been quite forceful.

I bought it from Ebuyer.co.uk. On their site the display Crucial's no quibble return policy. So I think I was covered if I wanted to return it.

bremner - thanks for reassuring me. Quote "Just because the board is rated up to 400DDR doesn't mean you have to fit it."

Now I just hope it all works when I switch it on!

Thanks all.

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