RAM Disapearance

  X™ 23:15 03 Aug 2007

Hello there. I have set up a small PC for little game and animation use. I have istalled 512MB + 128MB (640MB) RAM. The 512MB is in the DIMM 1 slot and I can use 340MB. Where is it all gone?

The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-6VMM-P and it has an 800MHZ Celeron or PIII in it. Where has it gone? 300MB worth. It is not towards graphics or sound, I have changed these and have seen the positive results.

There are two sets of jumper switches on the motherboard, one for the CPU and I think, one for the RAM, it is right next to it too.

Thank you for any help, it's been baffeling(sp?) me for ages.

  DieSse 23:45 03 Aug 2007

SDRAM comes in two types - so-called single-sided and double-sided. They differ in the number of address lines to talk to the RAM

Get the wrong type and only half the RAM will show up - thus Half 512MB = 256MB + 128MB = 384 MB.

Lose some more to the Integrated graphics and you'll be down to the figures you see.

So you probably need the need the other type of 512MB module - a "double sided" type, if my memory serves me correctly.

PS - it doesn't actually refer to whether the module has chips on both sides, just to the organisation of the addressing.

  X™ 00:59 04 Aug 2007

Thanks for the late night reply. I am pretty sure it's double sided, in another system we had it in, it worked fine. We had 512MB + 256MB = 768MBand all showed, when we upgraded again using the last slot, with 256MB we had 1GB. We did have AGP graphics.

  DieSse 18:16 04 Aug 2007

"....in another system we had it in, it worked fine."

Yes - well the point is it'll show the full capacity on some motherboards and not on others, depending on the motherboard capabilities in the RAM addressing.

click here

is the Crucial RAM selector, which tells you which type of RAM you need for that mboard.

  X™ 23:03 04 Aug 2007

It was actually that Crucial stick, bought off another site. 512MB 133.

  DieSse 16:52 05 Aug 2007

When you set the BIOS to do the longer RAM test - what does the RAM test count up to?

That should indicate definitively whether it's a hardware problem or not.

Where are you actually looking at the RAM sizes?

Try running the Everest free system checker, and see exactly what it tells you about the RAM modules. click here

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