RAM + cooling?

  YorkieDan 20:23 18 Feb 2011

Im looking to up my desktop RAM from 4 to 8gb but am unsure as to whether i would need to make any changes as far as cooling?

Is it recommended or is it not really a problem?

any help greatly appreciated

  northumbria61 20:36 18 Feb 2011

You could fit a Ram cooler such as this click here# But is it worth it - see here click here Or see this list click here

  User-312386 20:38 18 Feb 2011

Only if you oveclock the ram or your case temperature is high you would need to cool it. Just slam in the RAM lol

  northumbria61 20:39 18 Feb 2011

Personally I would stick an extra fan inside your case - would probably fit better and be more efficient.

  robin_x 21:57 18 Feb 2011

Check SpeedFan and HWMonitor before upgrade.

Google "what are my temps"
or whatever

I doubt RAM will matter much in the equation.

What are you doing anyway?

8GB is heavy duty processing.

  Terry Brown 22:11 18 Feb 2011

If you are using XP or Xindows 7 32 bit, you will be wasting your money as the extra memory cannot be used.
The only time it will be necessary to have more than 4gb is with a 64 bit system.

  YorkieDan 23:46 18 Feb 2011

Thank you very much for your help guys...

it seems to be a subject which divides opinions... seems it certainly wont do any harm but the many dont bother to.

Im running win7 64 bit and will be looking to use my system for music recording, editing and probably/hopefully video production.

am i heading down the right track?

  User-312386 06:32 19 Feb 2011

If you are video editing then yes the more ram the better!

  Terry Brown 14:50 21 Feb 2011

If you are editing Hi-Def Video, then the extra memory 'May' make a slight difference, however unless you are doing a lot of Video work or require it for proffesioal work, you may not see any benefit.

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