Ram Confusion

  ACOLYTE 19:05 27 Sep 2011

Was thinking of upgrading my PC Ram, i downloaded the Crucial tool,ran the scan and it told me my mobo could support upto 16GB,but then it says each memory slot can only hold upto a maximum of 2Gb per slot? and i have only 2 slots,atm i have 4Gb installed 2Gb in each slot DDR-PC2-6400,i wanted to go up in speed to the DDR2-PC2-8500,and was thinking of adding 2 more GB but im confused with what the scanner tells me,i can have upto 16gb but only in 2gb chunks?,so how can i get 16gb in 2 slots?,and would i be ok to add another 2gb.

  bremner 19:16 27 Sep 2011

Can you give make and model of the motherboard please

  ACOLYTE 22:51 27 Sep 2011

Yeah my motherboard is GeForce6100PM-M2 (V2.0)Elite Group.

  Forum Editor 23:00 27 Sep 2011

The Crucial tool didn't lie - your motherboard can support up to 16Gb of RAM

but that's not the full story. You can only get 4Gb onto the board via the 2 memory slots - 2Gb in each.

  ACOLYTE 23:12 27 Sep 2011

So,im still lost how do i upgrade my ram?

  lotvic 00:21 28 Sep 2011

On here http://www.meetgadget.com/gadget/36823/ECS+Elitegroup+GeForce6100PM-M2+%28V2.0%29 it has ECS Geforce6100PM-M2 V2.0 down for 8Gb per slot with Max 16Gb total

and on here http://www.ocmodshop.com/ecs-elitegroup-geforce-6100pm-m2-v20-motherboard-review/3/ it says:

"The memory controller offered Dual Channel with up to 4GB of RAM on 32-bit systems and 16GB of RAM on 64-bit systems"

Is it possible that the Crucial scan said that because when the scan was done a 32bit Op Sys was installed and the memory controller was configured for max of 4Gb? I am only guessing here as don't know anything about configuring a memory controller. Maybe there is something in the Motherboard manual about it.

  ACOLYTE 04:52 28 Sep 2011

Im running win7 64 bit OS and ran the scanner with that,i have read the manual but it just tells me supported ram and the amounts not how much i can add and in what order. From what i have been told i can upgrade my ram but only in 4/8GB chunks and in pairs?,and 16 gb of ram is way over priced compared to buying the same amount in 2/4 gig chunks,all i wanted was to add 2 more gb and go to faster ram.All the tool did was confuse the hell out of me.

  ACOLYTE 04:54 28 Sep 2011

Forgot to add,how can the mobo support 16gb of ram,if the slots can only use 2gb chunks?,just doesn't make sense to me.

  ACOLYTE 21:18 28 Sep 2011

Anyone have a clue about this?

  lotvic 00:38 29 Sep 2011

From Crucial site:

Memory Type: DDR2 PC2-6400, DDR2 PC2-8500, DDR2 PC2-5300, DDR2 (non-ECC) Maximum Memory: 16GB Slots: 2 Each memory slot can hold DDR2 PC2-6400, DDR2 PC2-8500, DDR2 PC2-5300 with a maximum of 2GB per slot.* Not to exceed manufacturer supported memory

Here's my thoughts on this: I think the clue is in the *small print Not to exceed manufacturer supported memory http://forums.cnet.com/7723-13974_102-510777.html

Even though the chipset is capable of handling 16Gb They cannot guarantee that it will work with no problems. Crucial and the manufacturer will only guarantee a max of 2Gb per slot.


MEMORY 2 x 240-pin DDR2 DIMM socket support up to 16 GB* * (Due to the DRAM maximum size is 2GB at present, the memory maximum size we have tested is 4GB)

I suppose it is a case of - you can do it and it ought to work but the manufacturer can't/won't guarantee it as they haven't tested it because when the board was made there were no 4Gb or 8Gb sticks of ram.

  ACOLYTE 01:36 29 Sep 2011

Thanks,that explains one detail,as for the ram upgrade,i suppose from what i have read i cant add 2gb more,if i want to upgrade i have to buy a 4 or 8gb stick?,this leads me to another question,if i buy only 1 stick of say 4gb,would it work along side my 2gb so i have 6gb or would i need to buy 2 4gb sticks,and as the esc site says it doesn't support the 8500 type ram but the crucial site does say it supports it,what would be the safest way to go,i don't want to blow my pc up lol.

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