RAM configuration question

  WhiteViper 14:41 05 Dec 2005

Very quick question regarding RAM config and whether what I want to do will actually work.

I currently have an Evesham 2800+ system running 512 RAM from two 256 RAM chips.

I'd like to instal a third chip at 512, bringing the total RAM up to 1024. I'd like to check if that configuration (2 x 256 and 1 x 512) will actually work in the system, or whether I need to instal chips of the same size, i.e. 2 x 512.

  woodchip 14:48 05 Dec 2005

Why do you need that amount of Ram? if You are not Video Editing, You are wasting your money

  PaulB2005 14:57 05 Dec 2005

Depending on the motherboard you can do this. There might be a requirement to put the bigger / smaller sticks in Slot 0 but again this depends on the motherboard.

If you are running XP i think it is a good idea to install as much as you can if you a) can afford it b) need it.

What motherboard do you have for starters?

  WhiteViper 20:50 05 Dec 2005

I do edit fairly large chunks of home movies, and I do get regular 'hangs' whilst the editing program is running (I use Pinnacle v9) so additional RAM is important I think - just need to make sure I'm going about it in the right way.

PaulB - my motherboard is and MSI Delta -ILSR

  Totally-braindead 20:57 05 Dec 2005

If the motherboard you have is this click here which is for the K7N2 Delta-ILSR motherboard. To be safe run this from Crucial it will tell you what motherbaord you have and what memory it will take click here if you do that you will be certain of what motherboard you have as there is more than one Delta listed.

  phono 20:59 05 Dec 2005

I would think you should be okay with that configuration but if in doubt contact MSI support.

  1 star 21:00 05 Dec 2005

As long as you are not using pc3200 memory, you should be fine. click here

  WhiteViper 09:14 06 Dec 2005

Thanks all - I've run the checker from Crucial and it says it can't determine exactly what model PC I have. Had a look via the Motherboard section though (it is the K7N2 model), and I think I'll be going for the 512 mb pc2700.

So, I'm assuming I move the 256 mb memory out of the first slot and put it in slot 3, then place the new 512 mb memory in the first slot?

  DieSse 10:08 06 Dec 2005

*So, I'm assuming I move the 256 mb memory out of the first slot and put it in slot 3, then place the new 512 mb memory in the first slot?*

That's the normally recommended way. BUT your motherboard is a dual-channel board - so look very carefully at what the motherboard manual says, to enable dual-channel working to continue.

  PaulB2005 10:12 06 Dec 2005

Dual Channel won't work with unpaired memory. If you add the 512 Mb you get more memory but loose the Dual Channel....

  woodchip 11:12 06 Dec 2005

I use Studio 9.4 With 256mb ram on a Celeron 2.6 and do not get any hangs I supose it would work faster with more in but I do not have any problems like that, and think you should be looking else where if you are having hangs

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